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10 ways to avoid a car crash

Or you could pay attention.

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US says Syria used chemical weapons

Going to be interesting to see what the Wing Nuts say about this,

I heard this allegation of the Syrian Government using C/B weaponry puts Barry under pressure to take action.

What pressure this puts Barry under is to be damned certain the allegations are true, actual fact, before doing anything other than making sure the allegations are true.

Remember the Neo Cons marching us off to war on transparent lies and the flimsiest of excuses?

We don't need that AGAIN.

OTOH, no matter how much the Wing Nuts love war this would be Barry taking action making the Republican automatically against it, so I guess we have nothing to worry about.


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Canfield girl, 11, falsely accused of rape, suit says

So nice to see Canfield is alive and well. I left Canfield when I became an adult. Having seen Canfield Games as a kid learning there is a contemporary Canfield Clique that fabricated a heinous story about another person isn't at all surprising. (could say my childhood spent in Canfield was an immunization against Reality Entertainment and Gratuitous Drama.)

It's that this time the fabrications didn't stay on the playground or among the Mommies and Daddies, this time it went to Official channels and now theres going to be hell to pay.

Nothing too unusual in the Prosecutor pursuing a case against the advice of the investigators. Seen all sorts of things move forward when advisors suggest against it and / or there is no evidence to support the allegations.

What I find most disturbing is what hasn't happened yet: From what we know of the people of Canfield, and people in general, is the people of Canfield will find some reason and way to hold the victim of this conspiracy responsible for everything. Everything from "if these girls liked you they wouldn't be trying to destroy you" to "This law suit is all your fault because you can't take getting kicked in the teeth and liking it".

What a nice little drama ....

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15 state AGs, some military join Ohio AG in appeal of early voting ruling

Husted needs to go.

I'm a Vet, guess you could say I served so the Citizen can continue to vote, and I find it hard to believe anyone who served would have a problem with making it easier for the citizen to vote,

No, Husted, etal, has to go. Through the history of our country many have served and too many have died to preserve our rights, not to allow some pisswillie to play games with those rights.

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Biden, Ryan deliver fiery debate on Libya, jobs, abortion

Long as you're without a clue and haven't been paying any attention Ryan did OK.

To those with even half a clue Ryan was a lying weasel.

Then we get to the last part of the debate where Ryan states he'll impose his personal beliefs on the rest of us and reigniting the Republicans War on Women.

Sealed the deal for me.

How could I vote for Ryan when he has no clue about the First Amendment. ?

Ryan was in over his head about the whole debate, then fatally face planted at the end.

What a Loser.

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If uniformity is the goal: Stop fighting it, start providing it

How soon can we get rid of Husted?

Seems to me no matter where one falls on the political spectrum you would want what defines America, the Right to Vote, preserved and not used as a political football.


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Santorum suspends GOP presidential campaign, clears path for Romney

Women can breathe a little easier.

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Motorcyclists ride 2 hours in Valley to honor Trayvon Martin

All the babble in this is trying to get around what 300 said in their first post.

I quote: "It can NEVER be self-defense if you're the one who instigates it.".

I'm guessing the people babbling are the same people crying about not taking responsibility for ones actions and decisions.

Zimmerman decided to get out of his car, follow then chase Martin, confront Martin and for whatever reason, Shoot martin, but whatever is done we shouldn't hold Zimmerman responsible for those actions and decisions.

What a joke.

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Canfield voters to decide on two levies

I believe in Education. I believe everyone should have as much education they can take. And I believe it's part of my duty as a Citizen of the United States to pay for and support public education for children, and to subsidize continuing education for adults. <<BUT>> I don't believe I should pay for the waste and poor decisions of the education system, K-12, College, the University, and beyond.

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2011 begins with killing

Something about someone with a last name ending with a vowel whose body is found with multiple gunshots, including the head, next to a burning car, transports me back 40 years or so.

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