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Student rolls drop 5 percent at YSU from 2011

Anyone wonder if the drop in enrollment has anything to do with the fact they do criminal backgrounds on certain people applying for admission now?

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Mahoning County saves time, money maintaining own vehicles

How can they work on emergency vehicles if they are not certified as EVT's? As the sheriff's department what they think of the work done on their vehicles.

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SB 5: It’s all about the money

"By contract, public employees are surviving the recession relatively unscathed — even though the money they are paid mostly comes from taxpayers in the private sector."

Thats right, because public employees don't pay taxes or anything.

Wouldnt a public employee who makes more than a private employee be paying more taxes back into the system?

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YSU enrollment down 2.5%

Thats most likely because they background check incoming students now. I'll bet 2% of the 2.5% were denied admission.

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Council to decide fate of officer who left police dog in car

I believe they are saying he took his assigned K9 equipped cruiser to the station, left it there with the dog in it while he went in a different cruiser to his side job of four hours. In my opinion, its inexcusable. Terminate him and fine him the replacement value of a new police dog.

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How are your tax dollars spent?

"Uniform allowances are tax dodges by employees."

Not true. Taxes come out of my uniform allowance. YPD and YFD also have taxes taken out of their uniform allowance.

Even as a public employee, I do agree this is a good thing. It shows not everyone is as overpaid as you think. It also shows a few that are.

I only caution the vindy to be careful to posting the names of people who may be in sensitive undercover positions....

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Nearly 200 people show up to protest Regional Chamber's support of SB5

I think the greater issue is that a chamber of commerce should be neutral.

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4 in Fla charged with bid to sell Iran jet engines

I want to know what site do you use to advertise that? I don't think Craigslist has a jet engine section.

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Public invited to Kwanzaa observances

Actually, if you want to get technical, Jesus would have been of Arab descent.

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U.S. Rep.-elect Bill Johnson plans to leave Mahoning Co.

Wait, how did he get elected in a district he doesn't live in?

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