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YSU faculty calls off planned strike

These crooks at YSU (both sides) found a loop hole in the government mandated stipulation that resulted in the hold back of financial aid. They say the strike reconsideration was for the students. Basically YSU will be receiving funds for something they are not planning on offering. They didn't reconsider for the students benefit. They decided not to strike at this point so the University still receives its millions and the students would not have any reason to protest thus not making the profs look bad. Once the last penny of financial aid is disbursed the profs will strike. Now that the students and university have their money there will be no pressing need to come to an agreement. Get ready for a lengthy strike.

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Staff talks, students walk in YSU negotiations

Major kudos to these youngsters for not just peacefully protesting but for understanidng that what is going on is wrong. In the end both sides will get what they want leaving only the students to be even more negatively impacted by the resulting increases in tuition. One thing that admin and profs at YSU must realize is that the students are paying customers who have many alternative and better choices regarding insitutions of higher ed. Unfortunatley YSU looks at the eventual hiring companies of grads as the customers. So then, what are students considered in the whole scheme of things? Quite simply, bargaining chips. And as bargaining chips, the students again will be exploited and inconvenienced. As honorable as the students think they are by protesting, don't think that some won't be ridiculed by the union faculty down the road. And for what??? The strike won't happen, they will settle at the midnight hour for school to start on Monday the 29th. And faculty will expect all of their students to have all of their books/materials for the first day, even if the actions of the faculty delayed students financing for the semester.

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UPDATED: Pavlik fight called off

Great Promotional Skills? Most area fans didn't even know that he was fighting this weekend anyways. Looks like there is more of a response to him not fighting than actually getting in the ring. You had everything kid, and you blew it! It doesn't matter where you fight, nobody is coming. You'll be begging for our "peanuts" quicker than you even know.

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UPDATED: Pavlik fight called off


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Trustees will be to blame if Austintown loses project

Why would you jeopardize job creation, via a new business, to get back at Kasich? Answer: Betras has his hands up each of their backs operating their mouths! We didn't elect Betras! It's $25K not your right testicles. Has anyone done any type of analysis on how long it would take the TWP. to recoup the $25k after the business began operations? I would presume not very long. Have the TWP. Trustees possibly gone to visit one of those places called a bank to discuss the possibility of obtaining funding?

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Rally draws teachers, YSU students, faculty

OK, so we Kill the Bill and take back Ohio. What is the next step to fixing this disaster? Does killing the bill automatically eliminate the unhappiness with your choice of careers? I support, commend, and infinitely appreciate the jobs of our safety forces, but we should not be sold to make our decision based on your unhappiness in a career choice. You folks are unhappy with jobs in their current states, why would I want to support the current system if it’s something that makes you so miserable? I still haven't heard a good argument from either side on this issue. My question ultimately is: Cuts- then what? Kill the Bill- then what?

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Unemployment rate drops in two-thirds of states

Far too often, the public does not realize that the unemployment rate drops when the discouraged worker level rises( those who were considered unemployed, capable of working but have given up the search). Also uemployment rate drops when McDonald's hires 50K workers who were formerly considered unemployed. So those who feel good when the rate drops should feel good again when the next unemplyment rate figure is announced.

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Rally draws teachers, YSU students, faculty

I respect your situation and agree that a teacher’s job is crappy. But it is no surprise that the job is crappy, everybody knows this already. Why not blame your husband for picking such a terrible profession, if indeed it is such a terrible profession? Did someone force him or other teachers to become teachers? I know that some will say they are following their dreams, but dreams don't pay the bills or dilute reality. Almost every teacher I know became a teacher for the schedule, clearly not considering the negative aspects of the job. Don't believe me; listen to teachers as they rub it in for the 3 months they get off in the summer or the long breaks they get for holidays etc.... Don't blame our supposed apathy for the situation of teachers on us, the public; blame their choices to join a profession, that they knew sucked, for the wrong reasons. Also, isn't pretty much everything a teacher has predicated on what their leadership instructed them to do? Seriously, if he wanted to work with a specific type of kid he should have started a daycare where he could choose his own clients. At $3/hour per kid 8 hours a day for let's say 8 kids. That totals $24/hour, $960 week, $3840/month for a total of over approx $46K annually. There are other choices out there. Trying to make us feel bad for those who regret their career decisions is not a great way to sell those of us on the SB5 fence, to see things your way. Also those like Schiavone have to quit making their non-union constituents feel like second class citizens.

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Police find tank of missing bull semen in Pa.

Glad to hear this mess was cleaned up. But what exactly is the relevance of a missing Bull semen report outta North Central P.A.?

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Youngstown leaders struggle to trim budget

$76K for a golf pro at Stambaugh is a start to making an effort to balancing the City's Budget.

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