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Rep. Weiner’s resignation best thing for the country

LtMacGowan, I agree with you, I don't care about his personal behavior that is not illegal. If he wants his weird habits out there for everyone to see, so be it. It is up to the voters in his district to decide to keep him or not.
The problem I have with the guy is he lied, made up a story blaming others for his problem, and probably would have kept on lying if he thought he could get away with it. I think the only thing that brought out the truth was his fear of what would happen if this thing turned into a federal investigation and he lie to the feds. They’re not quite as forgiving as his constituents. He should have just told the media that it was none of their business. That’s something that the voters in his district would probably understand. But nobody wants to be lied to.

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Western Reserve Road project to begin after July 4 holiday

I hate to be the one to break this to Mrs. Kenner, but Western Reserve Rd does not run the entire length of Mahoning County. Close,, but it comes up about 4-5 miles short.

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Lisa Antonini resigns as Mahoning County treasurer

Okay, I hope I don’t sound too nutty here, butttttt, there seems like there should be a lot more to this story than we are being told.
If I have the timeline right, she accepted this $3000 before she was the treasurer. I think she was just a democratic party hack. (Isn’t taking bribes part of that job description?) Not knowing the ongoing rate of taking bribes, doesn’t $3000 sound pretty lame, and who is this business man who would offer such a lowball bribe. I think future officials who might want to take a bribe would like to know.
There has to be more to this than just a $3000 undeclared campaign donation. Don’t Ya think!!!!

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28 workers sue GM and unions

Saveourcountry, I’m not sure what SB5 has to do with GM and the UAW compromise on union wages. Now I am not the most informed person on the subject, but wasn’t the current wage deduction agreed on by the company and the union as part of the governments bail out of GM . But if you think it was part of SB5 that didn’t even exists when this was agree on, please connect the dots for me, I’m willing to listen.

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Senate Republicans must slow the adoption of photo-ID bill

I have always felt that voting is not only a right and privilege it is also a responsibility. Too many want to turn voting into a video game. Make it as easy as possible, and put as little as possible effort into it. I don't think that some people understand the difference between elections and voting for some TV game show.

My first 10 years after turning 18, I was in the Air Force. I had to make an extra effort to register for a absentee ballot as well as staying connected enough back home to make my vote count. It was very gratifying for me the first time I voted on election day in person. It makes me feel like I'm doing my part in trying to make a difference.

I can't remember exactly where I heard this saying, but it rings true. "People who show up make decisions" and when you show up be sure to bring your ID.

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Hands off Star-Spangled Banner

I agree WalterS it was a little overblown as far as her forgetting the words,even though she is a professional performer you would think that a large audience won't spook her, but still it was a mistake and she was hardly the only professional who made a mistake that day on that field.(Just ask a Steeler fan) I do agree with CitizenJ too, that too many performers try to make it all about them and not about honoring America.

There are also other songs that could be a good alternative as our National Anthem, I've always liked God Bless America, but since it has God in the title that's probably politically incorrect. My Country this of Thee is great too, but since it has the same music as God Save the Queen, the Brits might take us to court over copy rights. I guess I'll stick with the National Anthem, it tells a great story and the crowd loves the last couple of lines of the song.

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As long as Black history month does not cost me a dime in tax dollars, I really don't give a hoot how long some wants to celebrate their heritage. From what I can see these events that are listed, most of them are happening after hours and are not interfering with school or work hours.
I think that most people who celebrate Black history month do so as a family, and like anybody pride in your past makes you a better person. I really don't think the thugs hanging out celebrate anything except themselves.

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Young’s Restaurant to close after nearly seven decades

The diner has been there my whole life, I remember when there where gas pumps out front, it's just one of those things that you thought would always be there. The closing of Young's while not a surprise, is a loss to the community of Ellsworth. But even a bigger loss was the passing of the owner Myron Young. His service and love of his community is truley missed.

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Olbermann leaving MSNBC immediately

Like you falconeddy, I can not stand to watch him or Ms Maddow for 5 minutes before I have to change the channel. I more of a fan of O'Reilly and Van Susteren. That being said, I do not want any voices silence. MSNBC is liberal leaning network, this is no surprise to anyone. When you tune in to them you know what to expect.

The truly sad part is that now Rush and Glen are loosing one of their best sound bites in which to make fun of.

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