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Felonious assault charge follows shooting

Ok here's my problem with this story, Where exactly is his home on W Boardaman St? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think there are any residences on that street let alone one with a garge.

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Sniffing out danger

Over the years I have had 5 rescue dogs, currently I have 2 , one I found abandon and starving along the side of the road and the other I got from a Doberman reuse group. Both bring great joy to my life and household.
They also provide security, whether it's a warning or physical presence, they give back in so many ways it's hard to tell who rescue who.

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7 Amish charged with attacking other Amish arraigned in Youngstown federal court

There's trouble in clip clop town tonight

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Who most deserved to be fired in the wake of the Penn State University/Jerry Sandusky molestation case?

Walter I think you said it best. I posed this question to people at work, if they witness a similar situation at work would they go and tell a manager or call the police. I think most real men and woman would call the police. Although plan B of " pull them apart and start kicking the living sh!t out of this pervert" seems like a pretty good idea as well.

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Will Herman Cain’s reactions to past sexual harassment allegations hurt his presidential campaign?

This poll might be a little more interesting if we actually knew what he did. But as today the only people who have said any thing are reporters and lawyers. Until I hear from a alleged victims, There is nothing to judge him by until then.

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Kasich seeks to stop union law repeal effort

I hope that neither side compromises, let the chips fall where they will. At least the consequences will be the will of the people. Which ever side wins will know that they were one of the decision makers and are responsible for the failures or successes of their decision.
I personally will vote to keep SB5, It’s time to try something new.

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Valley’s United Way agencies revive talk of merger

canfield1970, you hit the nail on the head! Forget the middle man (aka united way) if you want to give to the red cross give directly to the red cross, if you want to give to the urban league give directly to the urban league. Forget the middle man send your bucks right to the agency you want to support.
My own opinion is that the United Way was created for corporations and businesses to feel good about themselves, that they can get their employees to give more than your employees. Charity is not a contest, give what your heart tells you, not your employer.

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Will Congress approve legislation before the Tuesday debt ceiling deadline?

If the debt ceiling is not raised, I’m not sure if this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing.

It might show the left wing all the things that we can live without, and it might show the right wing all the things that we really need.

Maybe it’s time to find out?

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What grade would you give Mayor Jay Williams’ administration?

What does a car czar do? And does he only have czar powers over the big 3 American auto makers.

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Estate-tax demise will add to Boardman financial woes

There is something a little sick about planning your city's operating budget around the death of your citizens.

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