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We need a new energy president

"How many times did Thomas Edison fail?
How many times did Apple fail?"

Good point, But just how many US tax dollars where given to Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb?

And was Steve Jobs was also on the goverment's dime the same as Solyndra?

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Jobs data boost Obama; Romney unmoved

The offical unemployment number has been over 8% for over two years, but now a month before the election it has dropped to 7.8%.

Both Senator Brown and Rep Ryan are now trying to help the Delphi employees who lost thier retirement benifets, again about a month before the election.

Maybe your right things are really starting to improve. Maybe we should have elections every month.

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Camping out to cast first

The Neo-cons wanted the illegals here to break the unions and drive down wages. The dems want them because they vote 70% democratic and they reproduce like cock-roaches.

"Reproduce like cock-roaches " Okay who are the haters here again.

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Atheists claim Grove City, Pa. school board has dropped prayer

"Anyways the F.F.R.F won here. Membership money well spent."

Lt, you mean you have to pay dues to believe in nothing. That's a great racket.

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$70M Youngstown hub to spur manufacturing across U.S.

I truly hope that this is the job creator that it is being made out to be, I wish I understood the technology behind this project better. Right now to me it sounds like science fiction, sort of like the replicators on the Starship Enterprise. I have a had time visualizing how machine parts can be manufacture with out any tooling. I would be open minded to anyone hear who would like to take a shot at explaining it to me. I'm not trying to be negative, I just truly do not understand the technology.

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Clinton critic manages Agana campaign against Ryan

I don't know why exactly, but for some reason this area loves career politicians. Mr. Ryan has never done anything in the real world other than be a politician. This lady might be the worse choice ever, but then again maybe she would be a breath of fresh air in Washington. One thing for sure, she has done more in her life than run for political offices.

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Calls for gun control in US stir little support

You maybe right Cambridge,

but then again maybe if there would have been a moron or a coward in the theater, maybe the wouldn't be 12 dead in the morgue. Will never know

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Saying no to ‘Obamacare’ could hurt states

I'll admit I don't know as much as I should about the new Affordable health care act, but some of the math just doesn't add up.
So my question is where is Washington getting all this extra money to pay for 11.5 million people who will be added the the Medicaid program?
Another question, where will states get the money to maintain these newly expanded Medicaid programs when the Federal grants dry up?

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Planned Parenthood misconceptions

Ed_Voter are you saying that you waited until you were old enough to walk into Planed Parenthood to learn the facts of life?

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Felonious assault charge follows shooting

Unless he lives at the Yng police station or WFMJ

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