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Ohio voting rights issue falls short on signatures

Not that hard pressed. They collected 100,000 signatures, those 100,000 only needed to come up with 4 alias a piece to be successful.

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Should Ohio lawmakers add penalties for animal neglect if pets are left outside in extreme weather conditions?

I've never understood the reasoning behind a dog tie outside. I deliver packages to homes all day long, a tied dog is absolutely no deterrent to a would be thief breaking in your home. I have never been scared of a tied dog. You might justify it by thinking that the dog is warning you of any intruders entering your property by barking, but the dog probably barks on and off all day so much at a variety of differnt things, that you become immune to it and pay no attention. However a dog inside your house barking at a would be intruder is a deterrent. I have 3 big dogs inside my home, when I'm not at home I don't worry about the average thief, they see the dogs and move on to another home that is a easier mark.

A lot of people think that house training a dog is a hassle, hey to train a dog you don't have to be a genius, just a little smarter then the dog! In the end you will find out what most dog owners know, a dog IS mans best friend.

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Anthony Weiner admits to more lewd photos

Is there a learning disability here? COME ON MAN!!!!

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New policy permits some employees to carry guns to Ohio school

FormerYtown, you can replace the words 'authorized certain employees' with the word police officer or security guard or any other person who is authorized to carry a weapon for protection or public safety, we all have bad days. However in your world any "authorized certain employee" that is armed and has a bad day turns into a homicidal nut.

The article states that people who will carry in the school will have to undergo training and be recertified by the sheriff. While these folks may not be perfect and have bad days, they will probably also be people who understand and are willing to take on the added responsiblity that comes with having a weapon.

You think you can create a perfect society and all you have to work with is imperfect humans such as ME and YOU.

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Will elimination of the Defense of Marriage Act cause more states to allow same-sex marriage?

The elimination of the Defense of Marriage Act sets the stage for any state that dare tries to vote in thier own laws to be quickly sued and over turned by the court as being unconstitutional. So much for the will of the people.

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Amid gun-control fight, new photo shows Obama shooting skeet

I'm just glad that he didn't shoot off his foot for this photo op

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The truth behind gun violence

poland21 Good post, not sure I agree with all of it, but it's obvious that you put some thought into it. I like your first proposal that there could be a small added charge to a gun sales to provide basic operation of the gun. There a people who buy a weapon with no knowledge on how it works. No one wants to look stupid so they don't ask any questions. But if it was a law that the seller would have to give a short tutorial on the operation of the weapon, no one would be put on the spot of looking stupid.

As far as gun locks, one of the benefits of a sue happy culture, a lot of gun manufacturers are now including locks with there handguns. But your right a good gun safe is a better option.

I do support the NRA, and anyone who knows anything about them know that they offer some of the best safety programs available.

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Battle lines drawn over $500M in gun reforms

Let’s face a scary fact here, what we really want to regulate are human beings.
It starts with the mother, who thought that maybe her son would be more personable if she did a bonding activity with him by taking him to a shooting range and teaching him how to handle a weapon.
(Hind sight bad move) shame on that human!
Next, I think my kid is really starting to become more personable, I’ll show him I trust him and let him have access to my guns,. Maybe that will be the break though with him.
(Hind sight bad move) shame on that human!
I wish I could tell you what went through this guy’s head next. But I have no clue. I can’t even imagine.
Get use to this fact, we are all human,----------------We don’t have all the answers

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Healthy, maybe; wasted, for sure


I do understand your viewpoint about animal rights. Many organizations such as Peta go way over the edge. I do give to organization such as the humane society, not for the rights of animals but to help correct the inhumanity of man.

I believe that the good lord put animals here on earth for mans needs, whether that be food, work and even companionship. I don't believe he gave us these gifts to be abuse. My family are farmers that raise animals for market. The animals are fed and shelter not only because it's the humane thing to do, but well tended animals make for a better profit at market time.

As for companion animals such as dogs and cats, they have the god given ability to show love unconditionally, to tie a dog up behind the house and ignore or starve it to death is a waste of god's gift. God made man the stewards of the earth and all the beast upon it. Let us be good stewards.

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Did 1 text save GM Lordstown millions?

Thank god the EPA doesn't have a double standard.

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