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Endorsements loom large

For those attending the screwed up endorsement meeting tomorrow who would like to remove the Chairman, here are the steps/motions you need make:

1. Well before the meeting starts talk to Betras and all of the other officers of the party and let them know you have four motions you want to make BEFORE the regular business of the meeting takes place. This process is per Roberts Rules of Order and you must be recognized. (If you wait until the meeting starts, and whoever is the chair of the meeting doesn’t recognize you right away, you will be ruled “out of order” since the meeting is being convened to endorse candidates, not remove the Chairman.)

2. When you are recognized by the chair, make your first motion to, “suspend the rules” and make sure you have someone to second your motion, and then ask for a vote right away.

3. You still have the floor since you told the chair you have four motions in step one above, now you make your motion to “remove the Chairman”, again have someone ready to second the motion, and vote with as little discussion as possible. (All Betras will do is BS on how great he has been, sacrifices he has made –whatever, he is a two faced liar and sent our money downstate so he could win awards!)

4. After Betras is removed make a motion to “elect a new chairman today”, get it seconded, and vote.

5. Your final motion is to nominate _________ for Chairman, get your second and vote.

6. Now that you have made your four motions, the meeting can go back to regular business with your new Chairman in place.

January 6, 2012 at 1:37 p.m. suggest removal