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4 bedroom, 4 bath


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4 bedroom, 5 bath

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YPD adds seven new officers

Capt. You are a MORON...obviously not a typo because the "o" and the "a" are not near eachother on the keyboard. The so called race war is brought on by the media. Realize this they feed you crap and tell you its candy and you all fall in line. The fact is no matter male, female, old, young, black, white, yellow, as long as they are doing the job and doing it well who cares. But in the same breath same people as above it should be based on who is the best canidate. If there is a test given then the best should be who is hired. The problem with this country is we allow mediocrity and think its ok. To be superior you have to be the best. Police are suppose to be pseudo military well guess what people the military puts the best of the best at the top. So sjt back let the good men and women of these police forces help you. You notice I said men and women not white cop, black cop, female cop, male cop.

July 16, 2013 at 3:11 p.m. suggest removal

Austintown trustees announce new racino proposal

TB... I am not ignoring that fact. What you are ignoring is that Niles also does not want nothing for the water service either. The fact remains if your so close to Meander have your high class wonderful township pay the millions upon millions to make your own water service. Oh wait thats right all of the pipes belong to Youngstown cause in 1793 when Austintown was founded and in 1796 when Youngstown was founded apparently someone was thinking for the future 3 years after your township was founded. Be that as it may my point is that Youngstown just like Austintown and even Niles who threw their hat in the ring are out to do what they can to sustain. Im not taking away from Austintown it is a beautiful community which im sure all your residents want to keep it that way. Don't blame the mayor of Youngstown for trying to do the same and trying to revitalize the city.

July 13, 2013 at 7:40 p.m. suggest removal

Austintown trustees announce new racino proposal

Well here we go again. No one wants to play with Youngstown. It's o.k. that we have supplied them with water all these years but hey the dog and pony show starts. Mayor Sammarone didn't start the way Austintown gets their water from Youngstown or the charges and taxes that apply. City govt is like big business you need to be aggressive to sustain. You talk about sur charges. Well of course there are sur charges its not Austintown Twp. Employees fixing those pipes when they break its Ytown employees. You think when something happens and there is a problem with the water when and if Niles supplies it they won't be looking for some money too. Come on people open your eyes these different govenments don't care about the money you are spending. This whole area is going down hill and its always going to be a money grab no matter what. If I was in charge I would dig up Meridian Rd. put caps on the end of the pipes and tell Austintown GOOD LUCK. Then tell Niles they can rent our pipes that run through Austinton. Cause when its all said and done thats what they will have to do. See how that is how a bully works. But instead Mayor Sammarone looks at the angle of we are there, tie in, we get some you get some we are all happy. Oh well either way all the fighting that comes along with it all just shows why this area will never strive again cause no one wants to work together. Oh by the way Niles is in Trumbull Co. SO WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO. Last time i checked Austintown was in Mahoning Co.so not only does the city possibly lose out so does the whole county. Take a hard look into where the monies are going and whose really trying to fatten their pocket.

July 13, 2013 at 4:43 p.m. suggest removal

Man criticizes lack of gun-policy signs at restaurants

Here you go... Read up on shooters stopped by the CCW community. http://gunwatch.blogspot.com/2012/12/...

February 10, 2013 at 9:06 p.m. suggest removal

Man criticizes lack of gun-policy signs at restaurants

Its funny how all of you sit back and cry about this mans rights as an upstanding citizen to go out and get a CCW. He is absolutly right to not patronize those places as he sees fit. But understand this... This man or some other legal gun carrying CITIZEN may be the one to save you or a family members life when the DEPRAIVED criminal comes into that same place with a different agenda. You stand on you box and cry foul about someone legally carrying a gun right up until some crazed guy or gal comes in shooting the place up and that legal carry concealed gun owner saves you!!! It may never happen but wouldn't you be taken back when it happens and you think jeeze if someone else who could have stopped the killing before the Police got here would have saved my wife or husband or childs life. So sit back and cry and see how your views about that legal gun owner with a CCW may have changed the outcome of that day!!!

February 10, 2013 at 7:36 a.m. suggest removal


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