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Beaver Township police execute warrants in trailer park, arrest four on drug charges

Lee asks "and just who did they harm?" Well lets see lee, how do you think they got these drugs they don't need? The likely got them paid by the medicade card on tax dollars of people who work their rears off to pay taxes to provide to these people with free medical and prescription services. They lie and abuse the system to get something free by deception and sell them to abusers. Abusers steal and rob to get the money to support their drug habbit. People die from drug overdoses on a regular basis. Drug abusers have a hard time getting a job because they can't pass a drug test so welfare and criminal activity goes up. I'm sure there is a lot more but if you can't figure out what harm is brought on by drugs and illegal drug dealing, then you have your own problems.
The police did their job and I commend the officers for being out there doing what they do to protect our children from becoming abusers and continuing this cycle!

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Ex-convict faces charge of attempted murder

wondering why there aren't charges for child abuse or child endangering because the baby was also cut during the knife attack. Even if they did add charges, the judge will run all the sentences together and he won't do additional time anyway.

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PHOTO: Boardman man nabbed after 4-hour standoff on Market Street bridge

"Sylvester was sentenced to seven to 25 years in prison in 1999 with a three-year gun specification for the attempted murder conviction."

He COULD have been in prison through 2024 on the original charge plus the 3year gun specification 2027 could have been his relase date. Instead, this cockroach got out early. He married a woman, had a baby and now ruined their lives.

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Jury pool assembles for Agee trial in slaying of man leaving church

The Bit@h who hit that motorcycle accident victim is a useless piece of trash. Our judicial system failed the victims family. She literally drove around cars stopped at a crime scent, had no reguard for others, had road rage, took part in killing a man and got 30 day? SICK!
As soon as our justice system works for the victims and their families, the less crimes will be comitted. I don't care if this guy got the proper prelim hearing, he KILLED an innocent old man and permanently injured his wife because he thought it was someone he didn't like. Now we may have to excuse murder and attempted murder because the poor bad guy didn't get the proper processing!

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Four charged in death of man

@uets, They didn't even try to get this guy medical help.They could have called an ambulance and left the scene at the very least instead of pouring cleaning fluids into his body, robbing him, then leaving him for dead to not be found for days. No excuse, they are wrong for not getting him medical help among other things.

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Paige, Fletcher indicted in killing over electricity theft

I also believe the female was the shooter or perhaps they both shot? I think that the Blake childs accounts are the most accurate. It is not as if this was a situation with strangers where an identification needed to be made in a lineup. This was a neighbor known to the kids and the female was identified as the shooter. I smell a rat in the justice system here and I hope it gets flushed out.

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Charges changed in fatal shooting

if she gets out, will she be able to return to her house with no electric? This will be horrible for the widow and her children to have to see this monster next door. I am thinking the sight of her will give those kids nightmares and revictimize them all over again. There are plenty of charges that can be filed against this beast and I hope the vicitms family seeks a protection order from her so she will not be able to return to the neighborhood.

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Charges changed in fatal shooting

boxerlover, that is a really bad comparison and holds no weight with me. First of all, a momentary lapse in judgement does not apply here. She already stole the electricity, the victim took the proper steps and contacted the police who stopped the crime. She made a choice to go back and reoffend. No momentary lapse in judgement when she went to the store to purchase the criminal tools to again steal electricity. She is the reason this crime happened and this man is dead. Your excuse is poor and your thought process is very lopsided

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Charges changed in fatal shooting

what a miscarriage of justice! Does anyone remember the local fish store attempted robbery where the security officer shot and killed the robber? His accomplice was charged with murder because he was complicit in the crime.
Why is this any different? She was the one stealing electricity, she made the choice to go get another extension cord for the purpose of stealing from the victim after the police were there. She is equally responsible for the death of this man and the fact that his kids now have no father. Rasie the bond, charge her accordingly and add the theft charges too!

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Crash sends eight to hospital

drive on roads in different communities what what I intended to post above as my last sentence.

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