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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

My Brother Randy Cappelli was shot 7 times in the head! yes he had his struggles but i also had mine and ive been clean for 5 years now, i work at GM and have 2 beautiful daughters. my 8 year old i had when i was 17. lost my mother when i was 9, my dad is a heroin addict still going. Ive had a life...had guns to my head bc i didnt wanna have sex wit the dealer.
I have alota tragedy in my life...alot i will not share bc its to personal. Randy and I struggled togther, he was my best friend. we also have 2 other brother all close in age. there r 4 of us im youngest and only girl.
Neways Ive seen the stuff u inconciderate MFs write. If i were to shoot ur mother, brother, or bf, gf, sister, whoever sum1 close to u, not jus close, more, would u b crying, would u wan cum find me n kill me? wud u want me in jail for what i did to ur loved 1? Oh im sure if not then ur not human. So why is it that bc its not a tragedy in ur life...this is a f*cking joke? As far as randys past...yeah he did do drugs so what. people party! it was new years sure every MF in yougstown was high on somethin! he knew these people he was with he some what trusted them enough to b in the same car. Noone deserves to b shot 7 times in the head!!!! My brother was so fun to b round he was handsome, all the girls loved him. he loved 4wheelin, fishing, camping, being with his family n friends. never stayed away even if he was messing up no n then. he wasnt a full blown addict. he partyied once in awhile.
Neway for those who aint got nothing nice to say please try n put urself in my shoes, in RJ and Justins shoes his sons. Think b4 u open ur mouth! If ur just a heartless piece of sh*t, i hope my brother haunts u! bc u r no good...what happened to randy shuda happened to u instead.
Randy i love u bro, and glad ur home with mom and aunt diane! i miss u so much it hurts, i no we will meet again, until then i c u in my dreams!

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