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10 injured in elevator accident at YSU

I can tell you first hand as a student at YSU that there is no maintenance plan. I refuse to ride any elevators there since my first semester when I had to climb out of an elevator in Debartolo when it got stuck in between floors. They have been in horrible shape for years in Debartolo, Ward Beecher and of all places, the engineering building, where they are the worst. Some people are lazy enough they will wait the 2-5 minutes for the elevator instead of walking up the stairs.

Unfortunately, the elevators are not the only thing in disrepair at the school. Water fountains don't work, bathrooms are deplorable, doors are broken, ceiling tiles are missing due to water damage. My favorite thing I have seen down there was last year on the 4th floor of the Engineering building when the roof leaked in a computer lab that caused a ceiling tile to disintegrate. There was chunks and dust of this tile covering chairs, computers, monitors, desks and the floor for 3 months before it was cleaned up properly.

If they are going to keep raising tuition, the least they can do is some preventative maintenance and fix the things that break. It's kind of bad when you go back to get a second degree part time and 6 credit hours is $2021 when you're first semester after high school 8 years ago was around $1300 for a full time load. Even the lab fees that you pay don't go to the dept you're in because they go straight into the Deans general fund. Professors admit it's BS and there is nothing they can do about it so the student suffers and has to provide everything for the lab. At least they are consistent in their failures.

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McDonald schools seek levy, hire superintendent

It's amazing that Wasser had a job lined up in Pymatuning before he resigned and now the new superintendent is from there. I hope this wasn't one of the usual McDonald behind closed door deals again.

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Panel approves McDonald’s recovery plan

Wasser is just as responsible as Radabaugh is in this whole mess if not more so since he had to sign off on all the requests. The moron can't even acknowledge he did anything wrong either. If you want to know how to bury a school system in 5 years (this has been covered up for well over 2 years), ask Mike Wasser. Good luck to whoever is stupid enough to hire him. You're going to need it.

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Austintown to city: Justify water-rate hike

Wow. You are a real piece of work aren't you? Let me guess, next you'll say that all woman should be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen. If the citizens of an outlying township are paying extra for something, it is the trustees job to investigate it. That is why we elected them. They are supposed to represent the people, not their own interests. Fortunately, they have the backbone to do it.

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Austintown to city: Justify water-rate hike

I agree. He knows he wouldn't last long in office if we had a say. As for the pro-annexation people here, I gre wup in McDonald and our water bill was nothing compared to what I have now and we had a family of 5 in the house. Our water came from MVSD just as everyone elses in the area. As for being the intellectually ignorant person here, there are grants and other funding options available so the total burden wouldn't rest on the population. Maybe if the Youngstown water dept and city would do that for the supposed upgrades instead of a trip to Isreal, we wouldn't be in this situation. I also wouldn't mind Austintown becoming a city and paying an income tax. I think you would find many people that would agree with me as well. I like my home value, the decent school district, the nice neighborhood I live in where there is no crime and I think most people would agree. I hope that the Austintown trustees continue to fight for the people as that is what they were elected to do. You see close minded people, but I see people that won't just lay down and take it from a city looking for funding. I wish there were more people in office that had their attitudes.

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Austintown to city: Justify water-rate hike

Being an Austintown resident, I want nothing to do with annexation by a dead city. Just because the are in bad shape doesn't mean I should have to fund them because I pay my bills and taxes. I hope that the ABC does become a reality and we don't have to deal with Jay Williams money making schemes anymore. At least Austintown has the gumption to stand up to them penalizing us and do somethign about it. I'm sure if this went up to a vote, it would pass by a landslide.

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Haitians see hand of God in quake

How about some building codes to start with. This is what happened to San Francisco when they had their great earthquake. They instituted building codes so that such destruction would never happen again. It is a very sad thing that there is so much destruction, but things wouldn't have been so bad if the structures were built better. Even the Presidential Palace collapsed.

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Austintown targets, cites businesses selling alcohol illegally

I'm in my mid 20's and get carded every time I go into BW3. Something has to be up with this sting. Pretty soon there will be no bars left in Austintown. I like a safe community and that was part of the reason I chose to live here, but there is a time when it's to much. I'm not saying drive drunk, but if you've had a beer there is no reason to be treated like a criminal.

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Take the Neighbors Poll — When mom-n-pop stores close, what do you miss?

The roads in Austintown are horrible. I live in the neighborhood around Darbyshire and Kirk and they just laid salt today. They ran a plow over a week ago, but dropped no salt. Totally ridiculous. My dad lives across Kirk on springmeadow and it's just as bad.

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McDonald board OKs budget for district

So for years the teachers haven't been able to get money for supplies or anything else for that mattter, but they'll give multiple people $40 a month for a cell phone. Open enrollment killed the good school system McDonald once had and it continues to go down in flames. Absolutely amazing.

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