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YPD unveils memorial wall

Since you're so worried about these Officers wasting their time on this memorial wall... You'll be glad to know all the work was done on their own time with much of their own money. I guess some money is "wasted" in electric since there is several small lights above the display. Maybe someone can address council to get the lights removed to save money.

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Man faces multiple charges after chase

Our new Governor thinks this cop makes too much money and his pension is too good. Greedy cop!

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Shooting at YSU

I missed the part where the Mayor said "Youngstown has the highest income tax rate in the entire state of Ohio." And "I havnt hired a cop in 4 years" and "the city has 50 less cops than it did 5 years ago" and "The citizens have passed 3 seperate safety services taxes over the years" and "The PD's budget has shrunk significantly while other departments have stayed the same." And "I didn't lay any cops off because more than 50 cops have retired since I've been in office.". Maybe he didn't actually say these things today.

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Pregnant woman assaulted in home invasion

Don't worry... The mayor and police are saying crime is down. Two elderly parishinors in their 70's, a Youngstown realtor, a store keeper, and a 15 year old girl. All murdered by gunfire last year! How dare anyone say "There was only 20 murders last year in Youngstown"? The BS has got to stop. Enough lives have been destroyed in this city not just by homicide, but by incidents like in this article. What will it take?

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Youngstown police schedule 5:30 p.m. news conference

All smoke and mirrors! The mayor keeps mentioning the low number of Homicides this year (only 17?) In 2010 80 year old murdered in church parking lot, 15 year old girl murdered on west side, 60 year old realtor murdered, 75 year old parishner murdered, etc. If this is good news the Mayor needs a wakeup call. All these horrific murders have resulted in an arrest(s) by the YPD. A dept. that hasnt hired a cop in years. I went to Radio Shack and bought an $80 police scanner. Every day and night "We need some guys to work overtime tonight. Can any one help us out and work over tonight?" Them guys are taking 4,5, 6 hour old calls. I had my car broken into, and i know its not a big deal. I waited 4 hours and then went to work. My neighbor said the cops came at midnight. 6 hours after i called! The cops told my neighbor they just started at midnight. Something needs to be done. I feel like we've been abandoned on the south side. If you live in Youngstown do yourself a fovor and buy a Police scanner. You can't get entertainment like that on television. God Bless all the true innocent victims in this city. Such a shame.

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Police probe shootings, one into 9-year-old’s bedroom

"The presence of four police cars for crowd control"? A large crowd shooting off guns and 4 cops show up? From the sound of the scanner last night that sounded like just about all they had out in the entire city. It's gonna be a long summer and no one in this city seems to care.

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Crime-prevention effort begins today

There is no crime-prevention specialist from The Youngstown area? The YPD has no neighborhood resource crime prevention blockwatch type unit? What a joke.

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Police look for leads in South Side shooting

The Mayor hasn't hired a cop in three years. I've been told that more than thirty cops have retired in those three years. I'm gonna try and sell my house and move to the suburbs. I guess i give up... just like the Mayor.

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Mayor: City’s success due to work, planning

The City's economic success? Crime (including murders) are up in that City. So what should happen: lay off 100 Deputies and don't hire a City Policeman for 3 years. That city is a time bomb that is set to go off this summer, and apparently the Mayor does'nt see it coming.

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Amid economic hurdles, Covelli on the upswing

Well done.

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