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Has Ohio changed in the past two years?

Gee, it kinda looks like some Republicans must have crossed over and voted for Clinton. If only someone could have seen this coming... Oh wait, I did.

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Pavlik, youth back Hillary at Valley rally

Wow, that was VERY unprofessional behavior for someone who claims to be a project director. If being ignored says volumes, what does whining in public say for you and your organization? I would say it makes you look like immature children with an inflated sense of entitlement. Not to mention it was self-serving BS that has nothing to do with the story these comments are supposed to be about.

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A list of addresses and phone numbers for state representatives and senators and Congress members.

How else would you contact your government representative if not by their office address or phone number? For what trouble is this asking?

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Experts were wrong: Ohio does matter

I really hate when people post the same damn response to multiple stories. And I really really hate it when they are stupid hippies.

"Hillary's demonstrating a micro learning curve in displaying her innate charm, poise and humor."

Micro learning curve? Did you just pick 3 words at random and try to use them in a sentence? Also, if you think her daughter is "lovely", you must have a wardrobe that consists mostly of flannel.

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Has Ohio changed in the past two years?

Way to insult your fellow Ohioans by claiming the majority are racists. That statement alone should cost you your job. Speaking as a white male Republican I can tell you if I switch to vote dem in the primary it will be to vote for Obama because I don't like McCain. If you think Republicans that do support McCain want to run against Obama, you're an idiot. Clinton would be the easiest opponent for McCain without question. Not to mention if Republicans came out for Clinton in the primary, it would serve to further disrupt the Democrats attempts for party unity. What could be better for McCain than to have Texas and Ohio split to keep the Dems busy with each other? Maybe it's time you retire, since you're clearly out of touch with the rest of us.

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Why Obama over Clinton

You love playing up the "reporter who has written for the NY Times and Miami Herald" appeal to authority fallacy don't you? Show me where he has written for these papers. All I have seen is a blurb on his blog claiming he has been published in those papers. Nothing about his being a reporter employed by them. Anyone can freelance. If you want to make claims about his race and pass them off as fact, you're going to have to cite more than some racist talk show hosts blog. As for refutation, read any biographic entry for him on the web. Hell, just look at this picture and tell me this is someone who is Arabic:

It would be much better for your cause if you just faded away after being called out on your BS.

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Why Clinton over Obama

"Obama’s father was from Kenya; this writer was born and raised in neighboring Uganda."

So what?

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Why Obama over Clinton

"...reviewing information regarding his geneology " -Nonsocialist

I still can't imagine how you can think that his genealogy has anything to do with his ability. Unless, of course, you're a racist.

"I've not seen the posts that you are refering to. I suspect this statement is hyperbole." -Nonsocialist

Now THAT is funny. Don't forget that people can view your comment history with a simple click of a button:

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Who will you vote for president in the March 4 Ohio Democratic primary?

I think everyone that has been yelling about Bush being a divisive and polarizing leader should step back and look at Clinton again. If the DNC tosses her up against McCain it will bring out every Republican in the country to the polls. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Romney get the nod (Having lived in MA for 10 years I have seen his fiscal responsibility in action). As it stands now I would have a hard time choosing between McCain or Obama, mostly because I don't trust McCain. If Clinton makes it to the general election however, you can bet I'll pick the lesser of the two evils and vote Republican. Some times you have to put forth not the candidate you like best, but the candidate that can win and still be under your parties banner.

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Who will you vote for president in the March 4 Ohio Democratic primary?

Kenneth Lamb is NOT currently a reporter for the NYT or the Miami Herald. He has written op-eds apparently but currently he is an AM radio host who's blog seems to do nothing be demand Obama is Arabic. I can find NO reference to these "reports" about Obama ever being published in a reputable paper. From his site:

"In reading this range of thought, I've come to believe the Big Scoop on this topic will come when someone grabs something with Mr. Obama's DNA smeared on it, then runs it to a lab for analysis.

I'm serious about that. There is no better proof available in our time than a DNA test.


If the test came up as I researched, with a African Negro component less than the federal threshold of 12.5%, then Sen. Obama will have a major problem on his hands."

This is the only source you site. Despite multiple reports to the contrary you hold on to a racist radio show host as your best reference.

And again. Go to snopes and you can find multiple videos of Obama with his hand over his heart saying the pledge. Do you wear a US Flag on your shirt every day? I don't. Nobody I know does. You continue to lie and slander without ever stating your own political beliefs. You claim he belongs to an extremist Christian church while at the same time you try to link him to Islam.

And again as for "Emotional responses rife with name-calling and character attacks of those with different perspectives detract from informative and productive discourse." What name did I call you? How is it that I calling you a racist is any different than you calling Obama an Arab? I do agree with you on one thing. Voters SHOULD review the candidates carefully, and I can only hope that I help them do so by pointing out your untrue and misleading posts.

"This is getting last attempt to provide information concerning the question that the Vindicator has posed. " I hope you mean that because you don't seem to be able to come up with anything new and truthful. Feel free to keep making the same claims tho, I'll keep pointing out you're wrong.

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