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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

Why is it that the prosecutor is being told to file charges against some well-meaning people who try to find a solution to the population of unwanted cats. Aren't there some real criminals you can go after? Funny how real criminals can be turned back out on the street, but it's so easy to pick on people who really want to help. How many more people do you think would be outraged if this happened to dogs? But the fact that it was cats that were killed seems to be okay with a lot of folks. Yes, I'm sure they charge a fee to adopt cats. It does cost money to spay / neuter, and to give shots. Angels for Animals charges more than that, and are a lot less helpful. I have many strays in my neighborhood, and the only solution anyone wants to offer is for me to pay to get them all fixed. I have taken in 2 of them, but i cannot take care of the whole neighborhood by getting them fixed. I keep my cats inside due to the cruelty some people like to inflict on cats. There is still so much wrong with today's society!!!

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Williams: Reward offered in elderly couple's shooting

Did anyone stop to think maybe this wasn't a random thing. Maybe this gentleman pissed someone off. Justice to a street thug is to grab his gun and go shooting. I very much agree that parents in this town MUST step up and take care of their own. Most of the shootings taking place in this town are by teens who have a history of violence or disregard to their upbringing in their households. Most of the shootings in this town are not random. There's usually a reason behind them. Mostly drugs. Wake up Youngstown!! Your police officers cannot be proactive since they are usually going from call to call, and most of these reports go no where. Check out the media hook on the second floor of the police station. We were informed at our block watch, this information is available to the public. See what kind of reports your police are taking. Most are a waste of time. And what happens to your police officers when they have to defend themselves? They get fired or they have to answer to a higher authority about why they did what they did. Ask yourselves, would you like to be an officer in this town? Police officers are mortal, too, and not invincible. Those vests can't always protect them from death. Our mayor needs to wake up too. Funny how our city finds the funds to fix roads (downtown) that don't need fixed, and can give tax breaks to companies that promise to hire then leave suddenly when those tax breaks end. The bull in this town goes on and on........

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