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New fee for Canfield band, choir students

Is Mr. Zambrini enacting fees for sports participants as well? Or just students in the arts?

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6 schools in Valley earn top rating

Hey, Wapiti: For 2009-2010 school year, Austintown just received an Excellent designation! It's not on the Ohio Dept. of Education website yet because they still just have the 2008-2009 designations. Almost all of the individual school buildings in Austintown have reached Excellent status!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that you CAN see on the Ohio Education website by searching individual buildings!

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Ingram sworn in as Austintown’s first black officer

Congrats to Officer Ingram!! Good Luck!

Also, this is great news for African American youths who have the same dreams as Ofc. Ingram.

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Police to charge owner who abandoned dog

AND...there is a room there at Angels for Animals, where you can leave animals and they will be euthanized.

What is the big difference here? This person left the dog outside with fresh air instead of in the tiny room.

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Police to charge owner who abandoned dog

Someone left a dog at an animal shelter and they're being charged?
They left the dog at an ANIMAL SHELTER; not loose roaming streets.

This blows my mind.

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Denamen retires as superintendent

I knew Mr. Denamen all through my schooling in Austintown; great guy. A true professional and a truly decent respectable guy. Good Luck to Mr. Denamen.

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Police: Woman, 30, with disabilities was tortured, killed

I can't even begin to descibe what I felt while reading this article. Trying to comprehend why or how these people could do this is impossible. She was a mentally handicapped 30 year old who was slowly gaining some independence in this world. The article said she was happy and trusted everyone; thought everyone was good. All morning I have tried to not think of this, but I just cant stop wondering what went through this poor girl's mind as this happened to her. My only hope is that she quickly went into shock and didn't realize everything that happened.

This reminds me of the movie "The Other Sister" with Juliette Lewis and Diane Keaton. She was mentally handicapped and finally gaining some independence in her life. The story turned out great for her.

Unfortunately, this girl's independence took her into the arms of despicable human beings.

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SNOW STORM: Stay off of the roads || VIDEO, GALLERY

In parts of southern Canfield, southern Boardman, Beaver Twp, etc, there were between 21-23 inches!!!!!!!!!

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

Nunya....I agree. Women still have the right to choose and will continue to do so. Everyone has reasons for getting abortions. Some are not the right reasons, I agree. But some are very good reasons. And maybe until some of you are in a position like some of these women are, you should keep your mouths shut.

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Operation Compassion: Liberty surgeons go distance to help others

This story touches my heart. I wish more doctors would take a couple weeks out of their busy schedules to provide for people who are less fortunate than us. Dr. Ghani and Dr. Smith are heroes in my eyes and are probably heroes in the eyes of many in Guatamala.

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