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Downfall toward Obamacare began decades ago with FDR

What a silly editorial. First of all before FDR and the so-called "Big Man" America wasn't very democratic. For sure Republican electors were not even on the ballots in the Deep South. Blacks could hardly vote, women could hardly get a job until they were critical for manpower during WWII. As for our society, most people, before Social Security had to work until they died. Workers had little right to organize before the Wagner Act and Wall Street and the banks could go boom or bust without any regulation until the Securities Acts of 1933, 34 and 1940. Until Medicare people were well right until they became sick and died. The greatest cause of personal bankruptcy was and is a health care need. So , all in all what "Democracy" were you discussing? Almost all sane presidents from FDR have supported Social Security and Medicare. The idea of the ACA aka Obamacare goes back to TR and as I recall it was pushed through and trumpeted by Mitt Romney. So what is wrong with portable insurance, coverage of young adults, the end of caps, and insurance that is not a scam? Everyone should be covered, no one should go to an emergency room for anything but an emergency! People should have coverage and for sure it is through the private sector and private doctors, the American capitalistic way! So what are you bloviating about?

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