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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

Now I know where to eat instead of the crappy gyros at the convenient store. One more reason to not step foot back into O'donalds and give that rolly poly of a man anymore money.

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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

Good thing Christian cannot start to "report" people on here like he is doing on Facebook so that noone can speak the truth about him and their accounts are unable to post for 12+ hours.

“You can understand I’m not against the Lemon Grove, or a good operation coming in,” Rinehart wrote, “but one [incident] can end anything we as a group have accomplished in the downtown Youngstown area.”

HEY CHRISTIAN.. remember the "INCIDENT" at the Austintown O'donalds when one of your "bouncers" PUNCHED a FEMALE in the face in the back and there was nothing done about it and you guys threatened her that if she called the police that SHE would be the one in trouble for underage and some other thing? Hmm, must not ring a bell because anytime someone brings it up you report it so it gets taken down. Maybe the Vindicator should post all the pictures of the under age girls being served at your bar. I PERSONALLY have quite a few of MYSELF drinking in your bars while still in high school.

Christian thinks he's top notch with running/owning a bar. Lets be real here, O'donalds has only been downtown a year, IF that, lets see how long it really lasts. And O'donald's in Austintown only does good on St. Patrick's day!

And lastly, if people are going to complain about bringing in a "younger crowd" NOONE IN THEIR 40S WANTS TO BE DOWNTOWN, and CLEARLY the two Joe's at N9NE know what they are doing because they have been down there the longest out of ANY bars so maybe everyone could walk their happy little asses over to them and take a few pointers.

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