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Obama looks to regroup; Romney seems confident

Romney says he has a 5 point plan that will turn the U.S. around in 10 years and that's even after Obama decreased unemployment that began on the Republican Administrations watch. Obama has turned the U.S. around from the last administration's watch whether the Republicans like it or not. Why does Romney only give Obama less then 4 years to better this record and Romney gives himself 10 years on top of Obama's 4 years? Republicans can talk all they want about "entitlement programs", but the military is the biggest entitlement program the U.S. spends wildly on and Romney only wants to increase that spending more..., and is more than willing to create another Iraq by invading Iran.
That's a Romney plan to turn the U.S. around.
More troops to lower the unemployment lines as welll as private industry start up to supply the Military and war needs and goods.
Obama has not yet begun to put Romney where he belongs. Regroup? More like Re-energize.

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90 minutes away

Looks like Pavlik took round 9.

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90 minutes away

They're into this 8 rounds. It's a close fight. One scorer gives Taylor the lead, the other gives it to Kelly. Kelly bleeding from nostril. Taylors eyes swollen.

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90 minutes away

Pavlik takes round 1

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Live from ringside.

Looks like it's a no go on radio KillerBill. HBO is dominating this event.
Say Joe......that better be Taylor's blood on your shirt...if not, then it better be yours from Taylor being knocked out of the ring and his head hitting your knucklehead.

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