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A decade’s worth of uplifting columns

Okay. Enough is enough. Do you ever think of the families of these people? Obviously not because you have no idea how much these articles can cause. This crap happened over 10 years ago, most of the people in this valley have gotten over it, I think you too should. What's the good in bringing it up over and over again? IT'S IN THE PAST, LET IT STAY THERE. Yes it changed the valley and it was wrong but it's over and done with. There's so much more important stuff to worry about. I've asked you time and time again to leave my Dad out of your articles especially since you can't ever write a nice thing about him. If you only know him as a politician you only know half of him. He was a husband, a brother, an uncle, a son, a friend and most importantly a Father. If you don't know him as BOTH a politician and a family man then you don't know him. I am so sick and tired of you dredging this up. My Father is DEAD, let him rest in peace damnit. You're talking trash about a DEAD person, how manly do you feel? If you're going to continue to talk crap on my Dad, then I suggest you come to my place of employment and talk it straight to my face. You have no problem talking crap about people in your column but I guarantee you can't say anything face to face. I don't condone what my Dad did but he paid his debt to society so move the hell on! Yes, we know you hate my Dad. Get over it. I know EXACTLY why you dislike my Dad so much, and honestly, you should try taking responsibility for what YOU'VE done.

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Ex-prosecutor was good man who gave in to greed

First off, this article was written 3 days after he died. Do you honestly have no heart? How ignorant can you be? You may not have liked him and that's fine with me. But he was a good man. If you did not know him personally you shouldn't talk. This article had a HUGE impact on me. This caused my family more stress then was needed after he died. My Dad screwed up, yes. But he went to jail and paid his debt to society. Get over it. My family's been through hell and back and it doesn't help that you like to write articles bashing my father. Especially, when he's DEAD!

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Sins of fathers will haunt children

Even though this article was written in 2004, I never really got a chance to fully read this until now. I cannot believe that you would stoop so low as to mention me. That's just wrong. And for the record, I do not blame my Dad for any pain whatso ever.

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