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Austintown schools offering nutritious options

What the F? Are these morons telling me, or the kids, that they can't take an extra packet of ketchup because it would put them over the limit. IF this garbage happened when I was in high school in the 60s, we would have revolted, and so would our parents. If I had kids in school today, I'd make them pack a lunch and they would get Ho Ho, and Twinkies every day.

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Will Liberty pass road levy?

The plan to repave Lloyd Naylor has to be a totally brain dead idea. As the above commenter said, 5 houses and a cut-through street. There's probably 40 or more houses on Tibbets Wick extension when you also include the homes on Appaloosa and adjoining neighborhood. Their priorities are screwed up on this. This is the stupid decisions that feed the no confidence factor in the local bureaucrats.

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Will Liberty pass road levy?

I live off of Tibbets-Wick and the roads been a piece of crap for the last 5 years. When I moved here in 2002, it has gotten a repaving, but in a couple years it was deteriorating. This garbage about "it's just $35 per $100k" of valuation. I'm retired, and that bullshxt line of justification has jacked my property taxes up over $2000 over the years. This levy "is only..." and that levy "is only". STOP THE BS. All the surrounding townships have VOLUNTEER fire departments. Maybe it's time to give up this high cost luxury and to to a volunteer sytem. Firing Ungaro and having the trustees actually do the work they are elected to do, would also save a chunk and not pad Ungaro's public employee pension any more. I voted NO on the last levy and will vote NO on another one too until Liberty get's it act together, both at the trustee level and the screwed up school board.

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Romney’s GM and Chrysler ads are an insult to Ohioans

Read this piece. Romney is right, and has been. It's the continous stream of lies, distortions, and deception that's fooling the ignorant, misinformed, blind democrats who can't seem to develop a brain for themselves.

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Liberty schools face fiscal woes, possible demise

The management of Liberty schools has been abysmal. I'm retired and pay $12,000 in property taxes. What do I get for it? Nothing. The roads are crap, the school managment is poor, the corrupt unions and their sheeple just want to suck more and more out of the almost dead taxpayer's corpse. I haven't voted for a levy in 6 years, and I don't intend to vote for ANY levies in the near future. EVERY government entity could take a 15-20% hit on their budget and not much will be missed. Don't pull the whining, "it's for the children" crap either. Get back to the basics of STEM and cut the meaningless touchy-feely garbage and get busy. It's been very well proven through numerous studies that computers in the classroom have NOTHING to do with learning or real achievement in tests or in life. Most kids already have computers at home anyway. Why do I have to buy them for these kids? Let their parents buy them if they are that useful. The costs for the hardware and software support and maintenance all adds up fast. I'm not anti-technology either. I've managed and operated large government computer operations around the world. It just doesn't contribute much to the end result at graduation. I never had LESS than 30 kids in a class when I was in school and will never buy the premise that smaller and smaller classroom size has a direct correlation to achievement. If that were the case, why have the SAT scores gone continously DOWN since the early 1970s with this year being the low point? Why hasn't computers in the classrooms contributed to an INCREASE in scores since they always use the story that it will greatly increase student's abilities? It's a gimmick of the unions to get more teachers on the role to the detriment of the taxpayers who ultimately have to pay the freight. This taxpayer is through paying. I want to see pain and things really rung out before my wife and I vote for any levy. If you recall, Liberty didn't have a football team for many years due to the costs. That can happen again. If folks were REALLY serious about chopping school costs, and equally funding schools and be in compliance with Ohio Supreme Court rulings, we would have ONE county school board like they do in Virginia and other states. ONE superintendent, ONE board of education, and so on. It works great, lived in Virginia for 18 years and taxes were lower. They did the same thing for County Police, Fire, and Rescue. Too much time here is devoted to little politicians and school officials protecting their little turf, myopic view of reality, and fear of actually modernizing to accept fiscal reality.

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Obama expected to stump in Valley Monday

Obama makes me puke. Name ANY other president who KNOWINGLY appointed self avowed Communists, Marxists, and Maoists to their cabinet or other high government positions? I spent 23 years in the Army fighting against this stuff. This so called President is a Marxist at heart and he states so in his book. If you haven't read it, you should. This guy would not have been able to get a security clearance if he enlisted in the Army.

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Economy seeps into final face off

It's fun to watch the Dems flop around and can't stand the facts. It's like the DNC gives these people a daily enema of the same old talking points. Kind of like getting a flu shot. It seems to inoculate them from the facts. FACT: Romney said he would take GM through a STRUCTURED Bankruptcy like Chrysler did under Lee Iacocca. They would have been given loan guarantees, no tax payer money to loose, no union chunk of the company, wouldn't have killed the obligation to the legal bondholders who lost millions. The FACTS are out there on the news today and OBAMA is a liar...again. Any you that believe his crap are brain dead or can't read. Here's another chant from you morons: "...take us back to the failed policies that got us in the this mess." GUESS WHAT, CLOWNS, the policies that caused the financial collapse was the end result of the Community Reinvestment Act passed under Jimmy Carter. Dems. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd went full bore in forcing banks by way of their respective House and Senate Banking Committees, to give loans to people with no down payment money, no assets, no credit, and no ability to pay the mortgages. They were allowed to walk away, throw the markets into collapse, and the rest of us pick up the tab. Don't believe me, just check the YouTube videos under Fannie Mae, or Barney Frank testimony, or Bush administration. You will find multiple videos of Bush administration officials as early as 2002 calling for an audit or increased scrutiny of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get their stuff under control. They had officials come to congress many times to express the danger and alarm about this, and Barney Frank and Dodd's committes and the rest of the DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS DID NOTHING. THEY SAID EVERYTHING WAS FINE, AND FRANK TOLD PEOPLE TO KEEP INVESTING IN FANNIE MAE. HE KNEW THE DANGER, AND HIS GAY BOYFRIEND WAS AN OFFICIAL AT FANNIE MAE. So, if you people think that the economic problems are solely caused by Bush, you have a near fatal case of crainial-rectumitis.

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Sherrod Brown: the clear choice in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race

Brown is nothing more than another lap dog for Obama/Reid/Pelosi and this larger ilk. Reid and the Senate, of which Brown is a member, has NOT PASSED A BUDGET IN OVER 3 YEARS. They have not done their constitutional duty and are derelict in their job performance. Continuation of the previous years budgets is not a budget. He voted for Obamacare, and supports additional restriction on gun control per the 1994 now defunct law. This law was based ONLY ON COSMETIC APPEARANCE of a gun, and had absolutely nothing to do with functionality or relative to actual gun crimes. Brown's wife had to leave her job as a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer due to conflict of interest and her negative article regarding military personnel. I vote NO for Brown and should anyone else who can read and understand the facts.

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Camping out to cast first

Early voting is NOT important. Those numbskulls that voted today or in some places even earlier obviously are closed minded and no matter what comes up in the debates, or if something significant happens that would change their mind, it's too late. Early voting is major stupid and should not happen before the debates are over at the earliest.

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Romney proves his weakness

Romney's comments were dead on. A nitwit minion in the Embassy in Cairo launched a stupid Twitter message. Since when does the US Government announce official policy by twitter? Since when does a 10th tier worker put out public information during a crisis? This administration is incompetent and it's been amateur hour in the White House for the last three years. As for experience to be President. What planet did Gillette just pop in from? Is he saying that a ghetto community agitator who never had a real job, got elected to the Illinois legislature by the population of a couple black churches in his district, virtually never voted for anything while there, did less than two years actually in the US Senate was better qualified in 2008 than Romney is now. That's the joke of the year. the ANY other President in history who KNOWINGLY appointed Communists, Marxists, and Maoists to the cabinet or high Administration positions. The answer is NONE, except the Obamunist.

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