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OHSAA rules Fitch used ineligible players

From the perspective of a current AFHS senior, I can assure you that these two boys are more than just a pair of baseball players. In an aforementioned comment, these boys are here to live, not play baseball. Yeah, baseball is an important part of their lives, as is any sport, but you wouldn't know that because of your biased opinions. These students not only participate in a myriad of sports, but they're frequently involved in extracurricular activites, such as church groups and youth organizinations; and they're doing this as they work diligently at mastering the English language just to have a chance at succeeding in this country. If you want to slam students in articles and comments, you'll have plenty of opportunity when you begin to realize how hard our teachers are being worked while yielding less money. Don't worry, Vindy, just wait until the beginning of next year when Austintown's "excellent" ratings plummet into oblivion. For now, though, stop bashing the two brothers. I'm not disputing the regulations, but they're kids who have no control over where they go; and they don't deserve to be treated as if they had known every regulation to date. I hope the family can assess the situation properly, and, regardless of the outcome, the community can re-establish some of its dignity.

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