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17 wrestlers from Valley qualify for state tourney at Ohio State

Congrats JM and Girard. Good luck "Carp" and congrats to David M and Nick C of Girard for being one of the last 32 in your wt classes. Great season.

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Hillis helps Mangini best his former mentor


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Hillis helps Mangini best his former mentor

Not next year baby bird, thats this year...Jets for dinner this week.


Week by week.

Hey, birdy...come back next week and put the 4 in, ok?

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Buckeyes display they can contend

The linebackers tackle well and have good speed. This team is the the best Ive seen in awhile. They arent hype, just really good.

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Browns lose another opener

It was sick!!
I like what Tery Pluto(CPD)wrote. He makes some solid observations that ring true. But this is getting old, really old. Few questions

1) Why not pull the injured 35y/o QB that was gimping around in the pocket? Then...
2) Why not put Wallace and Cribs in since we have plays designed for them? Then...
3) Why not throw deep once and awhile to keep them honest?(or cant the WR get open?) Then...
4) Why not run a pitch or sweep with Harrison...ever?
5) Why did this game end after the INT late in the 2nd?

It appears or appeared as if this team was ready to win against Tampa.
Yet, here we are(and here I am kicking mysellf for betting on this team) again.

Its not the coach, its not the players, its some sick twisted pergatory BROWNS fans must endure.

Why I ask, WHY? What in the h#ll have we done to deserve this....this....CURSE!!!!

I want to root for another team at this point! But I cant

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Browns’ Mangini more confident

Dont let Hillis get to the 2nd level...I see injuries to safties...Hes a big dude and runs with authority.

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In less than a minute, Traficant is on the ballot


You got that right. It will, at the very least, get more people interested and actually paying attention to the process. Perhaps enlighten the blind that follow the pack for the sack of following.

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Browns’ Mangini more confident

Theres my little penguin puppy!
Oh, by the way pup, the Cleveland Browns currently hold the 2nd longest winnig streak in the NFL. LOL

You are a silly lil boy. Cant wait to cut you up this year. This is going to be fun.


That the best you got?
What a joke.

Wheres Mike?

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