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Mahoning Valley delegates react to first day of DNC

Voters whose vote rides strictly upon whether there is a "D" or "R" after the candidate's name without doing research on the candidate are doing a great disservice to this nation,.

July 26, 2016 at 6:17 a.m. suggest removal

Kimble: Youngstown schools' CEO will make all final decisions

If only we could remove Brenda from the Board....

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10 states sue over restroom directive

The current administration is masterful in their use of diversionary tactics. While we are all focused on this bathroom issue which highlights a defunding issue, there is a very busy bunch of pens in the White House generating hundreds more directives for presidential signature.

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Trump will be Trump

Considering the tone of this article I can see that we have no other choice but to vote for the honesty, integrity, and proven achievement in government offered by the presumptive democratic nominee. In so doing, we can also continue the good life we have had during the past 7+ years while watching the nation drown in debt and benefiting from the cultural influence afforded by importing non-vetted "refugees" numbering more than 100,000. We can also then count on stifling entrepreneurship with thousands more government regulations causing more job losses. Can we really expect positive results by continuing the current administration's policies? If so, press "D" for the continuing destruction of a nation.

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Sobriety checkpoints result in arrests

These checkpoints are funded by either state or federal grants. Since these funds do not have to be repaid we must use them or lose them and they are considered to be "free" money. It's just one of many ways our state and local police are being controlled by politicians and the big money folks of government.

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Schools’ CEO, on guard!

May Mr Mohip be successful in his new position. He is in a really tough position, caught between a stacked BOE, confrontational parents, politicians, unruly (and sometimes dangerous) students, a racist outside organization and teachers who just want to do the job of educating their students. I can only hope and pray that, for the benefit of our students and our valley, Mr. Mohip is successful.

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Girard City Council moves forward on speed camera contract

This is not a safety issue-it's all about the money in using speed cameras. I suspect there may also be some selectivity applied when it come to which lawbreakers are actually ticketed.

June 18, 2016 at 7:47 a.m. suggest removal

Liberty Township to adopt speed camera program

I just don't understand how the chief has the manpower to stand by a camera but claims that he doesn't have the manpower to do traffic stops. From this distance, it appears that a considerable amount of greed is in play.

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City schools’ new CEO: Teachers need support

A great approach and a totally positive attitude! I can only assume that he also knows how to cover his back.

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