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Citizen’s arrest in Warren prompts law director’s concern about safety

fess, if she made him fear for his life, he could legally shoot her. Her family would probably see dollar signs and go after him in civil cour,though.

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH Scheduled events

Vidi, I think we should all agree to that.

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Man faces charges tied to pit bull

So,where was the dog warden? Out shopping at Wal-mart?

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FBI: Gangs move south to Boardman

I did my job a little too well? Pushing the gangs to another spot isn't solving anything. If they come to my side of town they will all be greeted by an arsenal.

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Police will accept and destroy old prescription drugs

So,why would you just not throw them away?

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

Wow! I didn't know just how much of a nut case this guy is until now.

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Prosecutor looking into charge against officer

"I don't know nuthin', I work here." I wonder who Harrell is in bed with at Warren PD? This is the last we will hear of this. It will be swept under the rug today.

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Poland sewer fees raise a stink

Have you all forgotten that this is Mahoning County? It's still run with mob mentality. It's funny how the first thing they do when you disagree with them is to threaten you.

April 13, 2011 at 9:52 a.m. suggest removal

New Middletown voters likely to see police levy on fall ballot

If the New Middletown cops would lose the attitude,they might get more votes. I know it's not all of them,but there are a couple of real phalluses working there.

April 12, 2011 at 1:53 p.m. suggest removal

Feds bust international drug ring here, charge 28

Where are the pictures and names of these morons? I saw something about it on the news. Are we protecting their rights? It's funny how we desperately protect our criminals rights,but if some law abiding citizen has a controversial job or situation we will publish their name and address in a second so that people will go trash their property.

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