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Champ aims to combat falsehoods

Kelly, good for you! I've followed your career since the Olympic Trials and often wondered what would happen when you finally became a Champion - since that was the singular goal that you pursued with burning intensity.

I had a professional goal that was kind of like my "world title". I worked for years and focused on achieving that goal. Then I did. Then I couldn't believe all the headaches that accompanied what I had achieved. For the longest time, I knew that I was happier BEFORE I reached that goal. I started drinking, went to drugs and ended up in jail for 3 months. Before I reached my goal, I had never even received a traffic ticket.

I applaud you for seeking help. I needed help too but I'm much older than you. I lost my "title" and my job because of my arrest, plus the help that I received was ordered by a court. You're very smart and mature for getting that help now. I'm so much more proud of you right now than I was in September of 2007!

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Mayor eyes new residency campaign

The fact that Jay, Iris and Justice Lanzinger all disagree with the Supreme Court's ruling tells me that the Court made the correct ruling.

How about a referendum that not only requires city residency, but also requires attendance and tithing at Jay's church AND requires the Law Director to actually believe the legal arguments that the Mayor's policies make her put in writing.

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Deputy sheriff is sued over shooting into home

Name another place in Ohio, maybe even the country, where an average citizen fires a gun at night in a residential neighborhood, hits somebody's house and doesn't get charged with a crime. Is there really not a criminal law that applies to what happened, or is this just another example of law enforecement looking out for their law enforcement brethren?

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