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Sammarone to strengthen policies after worker racks up $400 bill

I think someone needs to introduce the City of Youngstown to Straight Talk Wireless! $45 a month for unlimited everything! It wouldn't really matter if the calls/texts were Personal or Business, the price would be the same!

But making a move like this would be intelligent, so let's not expect local Government to adopt this rational solution...

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What’s ‘open’ isn’t a question

@RightofLeft -
Please review this story:

Actions can be taken to hold public officials accountable.

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Strickland: I’m not slinging mud at Kasich

@sotired... Clearly, you're short sighted... Forida is not the only state without an income tax. There are Seven actually: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. But since you think Florida is such a horrible place to live, here are some numbers and comparisons for you:

Est. Population: 11.54 Million
FY2010 Budget: $55.67 BILLION
Ratio of $4,824.09 Per Resident

Est. Population: 18.53 Million
FY2010 Budget: $66.5 BILLION
Ratio of $3,588.77 Per Resident

Florida, on April 30th, passed their FY2011 Balanced Budget of $70.4 BILLION without raising taxes or fees.
Ohio has a projected $8 BILLION dollar shortfall for the next two-year budget that would start July 1, 2011.

We pay MORE taxes than Florida, and WE are in a budget deficit. Deficits occur when Government spends more than it receives. Clearly, our STATE Government doesn't live within it's means. Cut Spending at the STATE LEVEL, restructure our tax base and we WILL ALL be better off.

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Strickland: I’m not slinging mud at Kasich

Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gasoline Tax, Cigarette Tax, Real Estate Tax, Inheritance Tax, Building Permit Tax, Vehicle License & Registration Fees (Taxes), CDL License Fee (Tax), Medicare/Medicade Tax, Utility Taxes...

These are just the taxes I can think of, not to mention all the taxes on Businesses. Yeah, where will we ever get the money to do anything if we do away with the Income tax or decrease the inheritance tax? You must be against Ohio if you think some of our rediculous number of taxes should be reduced or disappear! **Note the sarcasm**

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Creditors or obstructionists?

Lending institutions are Corporations. Corporations are nothing more than pieces of paper filed with the state. Paper has no heart. To expect compasion from paper is pointless.

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

@Rokscout - Nobel defensive behavior, however broadly misguided.

If someone is hired as a cook, then doesn't cook, they get fired.

When someone is hired as an officer of the law, then breaks the law, they should get fired. But they don't...
They get the FOP, and there golden protective reach that lets him get paid to NOT WORK while they investigate and bring him into court. Then, if he does lose his job, an Arbitrator will be appointed who will likely give him his job back, along with any back pay.

His behavior is conduct unbecoming of an Officer of the Law. He can no longer be trusted with the responsibility of his position.

Yes, an officer should DEFINATELY be held to a much higer standard than any other person. We trust them to protect us. Should they violate that trust, even once, they are undeserving of it ever again. With great power comes great responsibility... and for that matter, great scrutiny.

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Corporations are taking control

I'm likely to disagree with the majority opinion of the comments on this story.

Businesses, which provide jobs for us, are afflicted by law passed by politicians just as much, if not more so, than individuals. They most certainly should have 'some' influence into who gets elected.

I would agree, however, that limitations 'should' be put in place on ALL contributors.

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Will state lawmakers rise to the $8 billion challenge?

@repeaters - It doesn't... But the longer you wait, the more money that is needed in a shorter period of time to make up for the shortfall. The sooner a tax increase is enacted, the less, per pay period, they will need to tax (even though in the long term you will pay just as much).

No one likes high taxes, but let's face it: With the idiots we have in control now, It's likely...

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Parking fees add $2.3M to YSU’s revenues

@psyker99 - Some well focued frustration. I can agree with a number of your points aswell. Some of which are my reasons for not attending YSU.

...But, have you heard of paragraphs? It would have helped... 21 sentences all smooshed together... not easy on the eyes...

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Family sues Mathews district, alleging discrimination

What's the big deal? I call my neice and nephews 'Terrorists' all the time. Children now-a-days are pure TERROR.

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