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Helicopter rescues toddler from coyote's path

Is it really our jobs as humans to dictate what animals live where. If this is a coyotes natural habitat, and in all reality it is truly us as humans that invaded their territory and not them invading ours. Don't get me wrong I will defend most peoples human rights before I would defend the rights of an animal, with the exception of my dog Bob of course. I do agree thou, a coyote is a very conniving, dirty, and low down animal that would eat its own young for a championship ring, no wait a minute that LaBron, never mind.

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Ohio Turnpike offers buyouts to toll collectors

You still don't need person to use a credit card. I know stores that have a self check out lines with credit card machines, it takes maybe one employee per four or five check out lines.

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Cobalt sales down in October; dealer blames Cash for Clunkers

I don't blame cash for clunkers, I blame GM. If GM never would of laid off so many people in Lordstown there never would of been a shortage of Cobalts at the dealerships. Just another prime example of the poor leadership and poor choice making within the company!!

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Youngstown police shoot dogs guarding puppies

I was bit by a poodle once, boy was it a mean dog! Not sure why the tranquilizer didn't work on the dog unless he just had the one dart not the twelve he needed? It's in a dogs nature to protect its pups, can't blame the dog.

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Poll: Support for casino gambling is fading

If the state makes enough money from the first four casinos, they will have no problem changing the laws to allow for more casinos in Ohio.

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Police: Ejected Phillies fan stole World Series rings

Stealing is the taking of things or being in possession of things that belong to someone else without their permission. If he took the ring out of the bathroom with the intentions of trying to reunite the ring with it owner, then no it not stealing. Its called being a good hearted and honest person. But if he intended on keeping it without at least attempting to return it to its owner, then yes he is a thief in my book.

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Ohio condemned killer wants execution delayed

Come on people don't be so harsh murders and rapist have feels too. He's paying for his crime, he will be rehabilitated once he serves his time. He has it rough in there, three served meals a day, free cable TV, books, and a fitness room. All heck just kill him already and stop wasting any more of the tax payers money. Not only does he need to pay for his crimes, he now owes us thousands in wasted tax money! Instead they could of used that wasted money to fix the pot holes on Oltown road in Austintown.

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Youngstown man charged with two counts of kidnapping

Your right Stan sounds like another repeat offender that slipped through the cracks of our almost perfect judicial system. Give him six months he'll be rehabilitated, right isn't that how it works?

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Ohio investigating harvest of wild ginseng

The ginseng industry is a multi million dollar year taxed income for Ohio. Not exactly the same scale as the dandelion industry, but dandelions do make good jelly. I do understand your point Stan, but trust me the government makes a lot more on ginseng then, they spend on it protecting it.

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Ohio investigating harvest of wild ginseng

"The average Ohioian" you mean the uneducated Ohioan? Trust me I can go on all day naming bigger waste of tax payers that have less of an impact on our lives!!

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