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Public hearings should have preceded decision on geese

Good Editorial.

Yes, it is matter of deep concern that 238 geese were cruelly rounded up and gassed from a public park with no community input. Even more disturbing are some of the claims made by park, USDA and ODNR officials. For example, had egg addling (destruction) been conducted at Mill Creek Park, why were there goslings? Either this is a false claim or the action was conducted with incompetence. It was also claimed in an earlier newspaper piece, that only "some" geese would be destroyed. How did "some" become "Whatever is here on day of roundup" as stated by ODNR official, Laura Graber? Such a "whatever" attitude bespeaks extermination rather than "management." Many more questions need to be raised over what really was, a wildlife massacre in a public park. Certainly, the public and media should demand to see the actual contract signed with USDA WS allowing for what appears a wildlife killing spree and uncontained carnage.

July 20, 2014 at 1:59 p.m. suggest removal