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CSO control plan is “not the panacea”

I agree that is a tremendous amount of money, resources and time to just bypass Mill Creek and dump that "crap" into the Mahoning river. They need to spend money on solutions. That is not a solution.

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Restore plush Parkway?

Simcha's using the building as a cell tower. Unless the City or someone else can buy them out of that lease, nothing is going to happen.

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YSU’s First Couple moves in

As a long-distance reader it is never suprising but always disheartening that I can expect so many negative comments after almost any article in the Vindi. I really wonder if it is a representative attitude of the people in the area resulting from so many years of problems.

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Bishop Murry decides against moving Mooney to the 'burbs

As a long ago resident who still visits frequently, I am very surprised they haven't merged these two Catholic High Schools. There's no reason to maintain two Catholic high schools that each graduate such small classes. Even if they merged, their class sizes would still be smaller then when I lived in Youngstown. Waste of money. The Diocese isn't in the business of maintaining schools to revitalize or stabilize neighborhoods.

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Boardman High grads number 381

Can't believe how small the graduating classes are these days in Youngstown high schools. Anyway, why in the world was this article even written, not alone published on the front page of the website? Must be a small town relationship that isn't mentioned somewhere.

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Bishop Murry cites ‘firsts’ of new pontiff

The next great Pope will reverse the dogma of Papal infallibility and reunite the Catholic and Orthodox churches. Until that happens, we will not know the next great Pope.

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YSU athletic fields move closer to completion

What they need is to improve their academic reputation and the decrease in enrollment is the first sign that they are trying to do that. Stop open enrollment and increase the requirements for admission. If the academic reputation is improved, enrollment will then follow and in the end all of Youngstown will benefit.

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D&L owner charged, workers claim ordered to lie

1. This guy needs to be put away for a long time and he needs to pay financially for being so greedy, ignoring the law and instructing workers to break the law. This is like a movie from 1970.
2. Fracking is obvously a very dirty way to obtain energy. While YTown sits on top of a 150 year supply of natural gas, the real "industry" should be in research to get that energy out of the ground in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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Authorities warn Howland residents to be on guard after murderer moves in

I'm not convinced that someone who did not give their murder victims a second chance deserves one themselves.

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Youngstown Thermal warms up to wood for cost savings and cleaner production

How ironic is this...Youngstown sits on a 150 year supply of natural gas and they are using wood and coal to heat the downtown.

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