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Letter to Ryan causes concern

If the Fire Dept didn't feel the situation justified the evacuation of Ryan's office, much less the rest of the offices in the Incubator and police didn't do anything more than wear some gloves when opening the letter, it sounds to me that the staff was indeed "overreacting", no matter what Ryan's spokesman had to say.

Perhaps Congressman Ryan should quit charging the taxpayers for his subscription to Sports Illustrated (as found in the Congressional spending documents) and invest that money in some boxes of rubber gloves for the staff members who open the mail if they are that concerned about their safety.

I'm sure that the local law enforcement agencies would prefer to spend their time dealing with REAL crimes and suspicious activities rather than playing nursemaid to Tim Ryan and his staff.

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7-car crash kills 3 Marine recruits in Trumbull

Condolences go out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in this crash.

These young men were prepared to sacrifice for our freedom and security, so each of us owes them and their memory our sincere gratitude.

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Rep. Ryan postpones health-care meeting, citing safety concerns

To me, this situation is a perfect example of how CLUELESS Tim Ryan and his staff really are.

If they had been 'listening' to their constituents, they would have known that the public is unhappy with his vote on this bill.

With nearly no appearances by Rep. Ryan that are open to the general public, even an attempt to schedule one in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday would turn out at least 15 people who weren't there to bow down to or kiss the ring of Tim.

If a well publicized, weekend or evening meeting is ever held that is open to the public, Ryan will get an earful from those who feel he is NOT representing their best interests or wishes in his role as Congressman.

At least residents of the Youngstown area get an occasional opportunity to see Rep. Ryan.
He won't even step foot into Summit County (also part of his district) for a public meeting.

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Valley House members back drilling proposal

What a BS story Vindy! Are you scared to take on Tim Ryan?

Where is the reporting that he rejected making more oil available to Americans? Where is the reporting that a certain talk-radio host handed him his @ss in an interview where he couldn't explain why he couldn't support the President's plan (other than the fact the idea came from the other party).

Gas retailers see elected officials like Tim Ryan not doing anything to help "us" with prices, and reward his lack of action with another $.25 increase per gallon today.

It is not until the final sentence of your story where you even bother to show the arrogance of our Congressman...

"Ryan said the oil companies need to first use the drillable land they lease from the federal government before anything else is considered."

Hey Tim! Screw You! Your constituents aren't Oliver Twist asking for more gruel. Get off your butt, log off of your Facebook account, and earn your $100,000+ salary by doing the job of the people which is keeping us from going to the poor house due to you!

Vote ABR (Anybody but Ryan) on November 4!

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