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A Youngstown councilwoman and her husband are being assessed $1,200 by the city for failing to mow grass

Well as long as people keep voting down racial and/or cultural lines for the same political hacks year after year after year we will get what we deserve.

Bad government at great cost.

I am one of the most steadfast supporters of this city, but even I am reaching my limits after watching these thieving ass-clowns win election after election by getting all their people to vote for them without any understanding of what inept, self-serving, corrupt people they actually are. As long as they are my race or heritage they're fine by me.

If this city is to survive - this must stop.

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Five YSU football players cited for underage drinking

Hey Chessie -
I think you're missing the point here.

You're going on and on about how they "get away" with it and "it's just standard Youngstown". . .
They got caught and were cited. They haven't "got away" with anything. If you had a point at all - they would have walked away with no citations or repercussions and there would be no story in the Vindicator about 5 Football players getting cited for drinking!

Apparently the system works after all - your opinion not withstanding.

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There is a way to keep city sewage out of Mill Creek

So. . . were there massive fish kills in 1986 and 1989 (the two months of June that had more rain than we have just experienced)?

I don't see anything in news archives that say there was. If that's true, then what could be the reason for the fish dye-off?

If the sewage overflow did, in fact, happen in 1986 and 1989, the only reason I can see for the fish not dying off is what NoBS stated above - there was enough water in the lakes to dilute the incoming sewage - sparing the fish's lives and swimmers enjoyment.

What I don't understand is why raw sewage overflow is piped into a land-locked lake when there is a river right next to it that will self-clean. Who was the genius that came up with that idea?

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Youngstown ward-reduction amendment will be on fall ballot

The nice part is that she can demand all she likes and it wont mean a damn thing.

If Council does not agree on redistricted lines, the mayor will simply draw them himself without their input. Since they can not even seem to agree on the color of shiet, it seems that this will be the way the districts get redrawn. . . .

Finally these bums can be shown the door.

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A court rejects a charter amendment similar to one in Youngstown giving bonus points to city residents

Yes, any other course of action would be wrong, and God knows, people in public service jobs never do anything that's wrong. So because you say it's "Highly Unlikely" there should be no controls to make sure that it "Doesn't Happen".

OK Joe - we'll just trust ya. . . . . not.

What's of concern to me is what's best for Youngstown (and by extension - me and my family who live here). This is why residency needs to be a requirement.

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A court rejects a charter amendment similar to one in Youngstown giving bonus points to city residents

So - JoeFromHubbard, lets say the you live in Hubbard and you get a job with the Parks Department in the city of Youngstown.

Along comes the state of Ohio and they have grant money available for a new park. Both the city of Hubbard and city of Youngstown are vying for it and obviously, the parks departments of those respective cities are in charge of applying for and justifying why it is that each city should get this money more than the other.

Are you telling me that, as a member of the parks department in Youngstown you are going to give it your best possible effort to make sure that the city of Youngstown gets the park money rather than getting a brand new park in your own back-yard city of Hubbard?

The answer is "of course you wouldn't".

Employment residency is a necessity. If the city of Youngstown is not good enough for you to live in, you should get a job in Hubbard instead. Either way - you should have to directly live with the situation you create while doing your job. This is why residents of this city voted for this amendment. All these suburbanites are just fine coming into Youngstown to work and extract money, but it's a terrible dangerous place otherwise and they want nothing to do with it.

Cool - stay in your own little suburb and work there where you feel safe instead.

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Youngstown mayor’s chief of staff resigned

What he is saying Silence, is this:

Since my opponent in the last election that I spent the better part of the last year smack-talking is going to be the next mayor and the "Mayors Secretary" holds that position at the pleasure of the mayor, I am going to resign before the new mayor takes office and kicks my ass out the door shortly after firing me!


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Earl Douthitt killed while raking leaves, neighbors mourn

Hey RobX - sometimes an accident is just that - an accident.

Otherwise it would be called an "On-Purpose". And if you have never done something that you didn't mean to, you're a lucky guy, but the rest of everyone in the world have.

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Foreclosure bond fights blight in Youngstown

I'm sure you're right.

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Foreclosure bond fights blight in Youngstown

No point 76.

Ron Eiselstein (Utica-Shale - google his real name) this cities biggest "Know it all" is simply going to keep spilling his "I know better" and "you uneducated people" and "brain drain" crap until he's tired of talking. Unfortunately he never seems to get tired of hearing himself talk - God knows I do.

His pseudo-intelectual BS not withstanding, he clearly is the one who knows nothing. From his Shrimp Farm to his illegal Timbering to his portfolio of unpaid taxes to whatever his latest snake-oil campaign is, he just talks and talks and talks. . . . never listens - never takes his own advice and educates himself.

Sure wastes a ton of bandwidth here giving bad advice and idiot ass opinions to anyone who will listen (both of them).

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