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Wartime simulation || YSU ROTC takes course to the park

Have anyone of you even read the article? Apparently not: because as the cadet said: Mill Creek offers every different type of terrain. Somehow I think that someone who is in training in the army may have more knowledge of fighting terrain than you do. War isn't always fought in the desert either, or in neighborhoods kicking down doors. This is " training". Training is for preparing soldiers to fight. If people want to deny soldiers' training, then logically, people's lives are being put on the line. This training keeps our soldiers alive, and keeps you citizens alive as well. So if people think that training in a local public park is wrong. Think about the lives that are being saved by giving these soldiers opportunities to practice.

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Brawl case goes to court

Mr. Sweetwood,

I just have some minor issues that need clearing up with the Vindicator. First of all, why does this video clip of the assault skip an entire minute? Second of all, why did this piece of news get precedence over 1st degree murders for the front of this webpage two days in a row? Thirdly, why does the article mention that: “Testosterone in excessive doses can effect behavior negatively.” when clearly it cannot be proven that any of these students have any type of hormone-inducing supplements? Please respond back.

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Canfield Group Assault

Sweatpea, If the father would not have come out of his house, and had enough sense to keep his son inside the house, there wouldn't have been any scenario. Instead, he decided to go after the fifteen drunk Mooney students, and caused an even bigger issue involving his son.

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Canfield Group Assault

All fifteen of these kids were in the wrong: The ten Cardinal Mooney students were wrong for beating up the single Canfield student on his own lawn. The Canfield student was wrong for provoking the Cardinal Mooney students. Even the observers from Cardinal Mooney were wrong for just being in the wrong place at the wrong at the wrong time. Lastly, the father was wrong for participating in the fight, whereas he could have remained in his house and prevented this entire scenario from occurring.

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