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‘Keep Boardman Excellent’ is school levy campaign slogan

@Knightcap. In this economy, the best investment is in your home. Your school system is the best way to keep your property values high. Renters pay property taxes, trust me, I own rental property and I would be crazy not to include taxes in the monthly rent my tenants pay. We could only pray that they come up with a better way to pay for schools, but right now it's on the property owner. I for one will support this levy knowing I made the right decision for myself and my community.

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DOCUMENTS HERE | Oakhill documents reveal web of conspiracy

The Mahoning County Bar association should investigate the actions of ATTY McNally. He should be disbarred!

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Mother: Son’s punishment at school was inappropriate

@tebo12. What more to this story is their? The kid misbehaved and got "sent to his room" Big deal, been there myself and have sent my kids often!

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Boardman schools face dire financial forecast

Boardman has already cut 26 teachers and negotiated pay freezes on the others with them paying more towards their health care. At some point every school system needs to ask for new tax dollars. It's too bad that people don't value the need for education and pass levies anymore, Remember someone paid for yours, it ,may be time for people to step up for the future of others.

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Hey, Jay, remember me?

For gosh sake David a guy like you should have his cell phone number. Federal government at it's finest!

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Austintown parents panel vows to fight busing plan

@AtownParent - Why would they care to keep them in the system when they have open enrollment? They can just take more kids from Youngstown and get that money anyway.

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Austintown parents panel vows to fight busing plan

Don't you all realize that this is just a ploy to have the parents drive their kids to school? In the long run, that is what is happening at Youngstown Christian and what will happen here. Who is really going to put their kid on one of those buses?

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Poland school board OKs placing levy on ballot

I agree with roland, but how about they really shake things up and give the old Dr. the boot?! I mean how long can they take it? Canfield did it, I say it's time for Zorn to hang it up or have it hung up for him! Enough is enough of this dictator!

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Poland sets proposed fees for school sports, band

If Poland would just pony up and play Boardman in football then all of these fee's could be avoided. Imagine the revenue from the parents showing up just to see the bands alone with Poland at 325 and Boardman at 285. This game would draw 7-10k people. Wake up Poland!

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