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South Range to offer open enrollment

Corruption, Your first ever comment is a good one. Dunham has done nothing but build up his cronie network out there. What they need to do is fire the board that hired him.
Also, I find it amazing that when they built that building out there they never thought about having an office for the administration. They are clueless!

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South Range to offer open enrollment

@gdog - I hate Kasich and I love teachers! You don't seem to understand that if you have less of a student population then you need to cut those who serve it, not take from other schools. They could have tried to pass a levy as well. Look at Poland, they tried 7 times and finally passed. Why wouldn't South Range try at least once?

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South Range to offer open enrollment

What a crock of crap Dunham has fed the people of South Range. Declining enrollment should mean cutting teachers, not take away from neighboring districts! When a business has declining customers then they cut employees. Oh wait he didn't go to business school he went to government school. They have know about this for years and have done nothing to cut expenses. It's all status quo. Where are the teacher cuts Dennis? Where is the pay to play? How about they pay you in accordance to the number of students you serve? The Canfield superintendent makes the same amount of money and has twice the number of students, so according to my calculation you should make half of what he makes! You never tried anything Dennis, you looked at this option only. Put the burden on those around you and suffer none yourself.

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Betras targets errant Dems

Amen to Valleygal. This was a non-partisan race people! Any race like this should be treated just like township trustee or school board. What difference does it make if someone is affiliated with a party for this race? The most qualified person won. The lawyers in Mahoning county declared that Hanni was "not qualified". I bet if they voted in secret weather or not Betras was qualified, they would have voted "NO". Doesn't he have a dog bite or an ambulance to chase?

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State confirms probe at Boardman Fire Dept.

At least Boardman has found the issues and are investigating. Why just say "No" to taxes when the ones in charge are doing their jobs?

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Gains: $672K more needed in 2013

Threats are just what we need. I say go ahead and lay people off. That is what's happening in the private sector every day. When is enough enough Mr. Gains? Suck it up like the rest of us!

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Boardman brings on two more police officers

Trustee's fulfilling promises, unlike the Gallitto Miller days! That's why I voted for the levy!

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Austintown super asked to step down

Not at all. Mr. Porter just put the credibility of the board back 10 years!

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Youngstown's Oakhill to get $2.5M face-lift

"Leave it to Beaver" - McNally, the same guy that was opposed to this move when he was getting big bucks from the Cafaro's made the resolution? And I bet you people in Youngstown will actually vote this guy in as the mayor...He did no wrong..Just like Trafficant!

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BREAKING NEWS: Youngstown Police Officer Phil Chance Jr. resigns

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

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