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Austintown, Poland, West Branch schools rate excellent with distinction

As is customary and traditional...Poland Schools deliver results. Why so much negativity? We need to work together to iron out the wrinkles, not sabotage and destroy a great district! Don't fall for the clambering of a few fools, Poland!

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Fourth wife hides as murder suspect awaits retrial

Our court system needs investigated, and this case is a glaring example as to why. This monster poisoned his first wife, and all of Poland knows it. How is it possible that our courts have allowed him the opportunity to try to kill wife # 4? It's time for Mahoning county to show some ethics and professionalism and quit letting these people use connections in the system to get away with murder!

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Interim superintendent named in Poland schools

Well done, Bd of Ed! Sounds like a wise choice.

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Pay-to-play policy in Poland schools brings minimal downsizing to teams

Check out Canfield's technology fee, Natureman, then count your blessings. You don't want to pay "huge"taxes, fees, or pay to play? Have you considered finding a lower cost community to have your children thrive in? Seriously... Think about it.

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Poland man who introduced Obama violated ‘trade secrets,’ owes company we look for handouts to make this day easier, we welcome big government( socialist approach) that will steal our freedoms and health care options and those of our children. Stay informed and aware, and read about those from European countries that come here FOR those freedoms that we are so willing to give up!

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Poland levy finalized

Those of us that value Poland for all that it offers will be voting YES! If you can't afford to support Poland, or more likely just dont want to...GOODBYE!

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Poland board members have their work cut out for them

Natureman...if you've had LEGITIMATE problems that have not been dealt with fairly with teachers or coaches, shame on you for not following through.Sounds like you should include administrators on your hit list and hold them accountable. You've already hit the board, superintendent , teachers and coaches!

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Poland board members have their work cut out for them

If Poland is so upset over the stadium investment, why was one of the 2 big proponents of the job re-elected to the board since? Quit looking for excuses to be so negative, Poland. You're going to cut off your nose to spite your face, so to speak.

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Poland council votes against placing levy on ballot

I appreciate your "perceptive" compliment to council, toycannon, but if you're a Poland resident I hope you've educated yourself enough to know that the renewal is only enough to provide coverage for about another year. State cutbacks in funding have hit the Village and the school district hard! Our current governor expects us to provide for ourselves. By Us, I mean voters!

June 23, 2012 at 3:44 p.m. suggest removal

Poland board members have their work cut out for them this editorial -style article, you forgot to mention the close margins seen in voting results or the views of the supportive sector of Poland. Why not mention the locations of the neighborhoods that continue to fail these levies? That would sell papers! Why allow them to maintain their facade of wealth while our district and history are threatened? Expose reality without an agenda.That's what media professionals attempt to do. Right?

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