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Authorities probe woman’s death


She is in a local nursing home, and is in good condition. We are SO thankful to know that Ruth is finally somewhere safe.

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Authorities probe woman’s death

Ardes' mother is my great aunt. At this hour, the family still cannot locate her. My uncle used to check on Ruth, but apparently during his last few attempts to see her, Ardes refused to let him into the house, claiming that Ruth wasn't feeling well. All we know right now is that she was admitted to the hospital a week ago, and no one seems to know where she went after that. Sometimes they send people to care homes if they have no other place to go, but because of privacy laws they can't tell us anything, even though we are family. Please keep Ruth and the rest of us in your prayers. She is 96 years old and in frail health. We just need to know that she is somewhere safe.

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No problems? Look again

An excellent letter. One wonders why more people do not consider the facts more often. All it takes is a trip to the ER to be reminded of the facts, especially if you are in a large city. When I lived in Phoenix I was sent to the ER in the suburb of Goodyear for pregnancy complications with my second child. The average wait time in a Phoenix hospital is 4 hours. I was "lucky" and only had to wait just about 4 hours until I was seen. People in ER's out there have had heart attacks and died in the waiting room, or end up giving birth in the bathroom or outside on the sidewalk because they are "too busy". "No problems" my behind....

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Realty rises to reality

Beinghonest, I totally agree. We rented a condo in Huntington Woods a few years back that was nicer than these new apartments, and MUCH cheaper. The house we just bought dates from the 40's, has gorgeous oak hardwood throughout, hardwood laminate in the kitchen, a beautiful and artfully tiled bathroom, poplar trim and doors...obviously I LOVE our house. Our mortgage is nowhere near the price of those apartments, and we have a fully fenced backyard and a generously sized front yard. But really, carpet in an "upscale" apartment??? Anyway, I do hope that Realty succeeds. Youngstown needs good things to happen.

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Homeowner charged in shooting death of teen


I am college educated, graduated from Boardman and live in a nice suburb. Not exactly what one might call "redneck". But if you want to paint me with that brush because I believe in our country's founding values, then go right ahead. I'll take it as a compliment...

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Homeowner charged in shooting death of teen

What kind of nonsense is that? "Never take the law into your own hands". Excuse me ma'am, but the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution allows us to do just that, when necessary. If you call my house and threaten my family, then SHOW UP in my front yard in the middle of the night, and you get SHOT, that's your own damn fault. I can't believe these people are in jail....

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Still believin'

"Don't Stop Believin'" was arranged for string quartet in the movie "The Wedding Singer". Even though that movie is older now, I am seeing more and more requests from people my age who are getting married and wanting it played at their ceremonies. Sometimes we'll play it as a surprise, and people who know it really love it!

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Swipes For School?

They must have gotten that list of prices for supplies at Lloyd Elementary from when I went to school there ages ago! I'm sorry but I have yet to see a 10 pack of 1-subject notebooks for a dollar. When I went there, I had a bookbag, pencils, folders, notebook paper, crayons and markers, and any workbooks like spelling and math were included-we didn't have to pay extra for those.

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There’s no real substitute for a town hall meeting

Ah, Nonsocialist...another refreshing voice of common sense in the Vindy boards. The medical liability crisis is very real. Bush talked about this in his famous "so OB's can practice their love of women" speech. But unfortunately what he said is true. The United States ranks very low among industrialized nations when it comes to maternal injury and infant mortality. Doctors have been forced into using invasive, dangerous procedures and women and their babies are suffering terribly from this. We will experience a major shortage of qualified birth workers if medical liability does not change.

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‘It is what it is’ isn’t an answer (at least not a good one)

Youngstown has suffered enough from the negative attitudes of people like you, Mr Cartwright. Why are you wasting time writing a letter to a newspaper you don't subscribe to or support and bashing a place you don't even live in anymore?

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