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NYC mayor: ‘Sad day’ if mosque gets shouted down

Where were all the right wing lunatics when WalMart began planning a store on the Gettysburg battlefield? Over 3,100 Union Soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield.

I would not allow for a mosque near ground zero, nor a church or temple for that matter.

But I suspect the right is attempting to restrict American's freedoms because the don't like muslims.

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Obama claims GOP trying to destroy Social Security

To all commenters:

Then we're all still in agreement that they ARE trying to destroy SS? Because they are.

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Vt. slaughterhouse co-owner turns himself in

Theres a super thin line between abusing defenseless animals and abusing defenseless children.

Defending sick f***s like this equates to the defense of child rapists and child abusers.

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Fan sues NY Mets, claims injuries from broken bat

True baseball fans understand that you have to pay attention to every pitch. Especially if you're in seats that are close to the action.

Put you're hands up and don't get hit in the face next time, Moron.

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usa1 is a subversive traitor and should be investigated for unAmerican activities.

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Valley Delphi retirees to protest in Detroit

I agree that these workers should receive their full pension.

However, a lot of the republicans whining about this are the same ones who say government should stay out of everything. Had the President not stepped in, these retirees would have NOTHING.

A friend of mine owns a Chevy dealership and he was bitching about how Obama is picking and choosing what he can and can't do. If republicans had it their way he would not have a business.

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Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law

I'm glad someone is finally doing something Photoman. I wish our elected officials did something from 2000-present. But then again, I don't really care what our elected officials do as long they're republicans.

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10 millionth Honda rolls off Ohio assembly line

If wood chips could speak they would make more sense than you republicans. Why do you hate everything American?

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Unemployment rate falls in 39 states, up slightly at home

republicans hate America.

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Delphi Hearings

Yea just take what the government and a company decide to give you???? Without putting up a fight???? Please rdl50. Must be a rethug.

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