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ObjectivelySpeaking (anonymous) says...

What does recruit mean? Do they try to get kids to attend their school? If that is the question, yes the Catholic schools recruit.
They recruit students. Like all schools they try to make their school as attractive as possible to students. ALL students, regardless of athletic ability, color or religion.
Do they help with tuition? Yes they do based on a formula that considers financial need and academic achievement. It does not consider athletic ability.
Is the system unfair? Yes and no. The Catholic schools do draw from a larger area, but the numbers are what puts them in the division they are assigned.
Next year I believe the OHSAA will implement a change in the playoff system that considers if a school is private, public or open enrollment.
When all is said and done VERY few schools make money of off sports. Making the playoffs is almost a guaranteed loser. The OHSAA is the big winner in the playoffs.
The schools only receive $1 from every ticket sold. And that is only if they sell the ticket.
So if you are planning on going to any playoff game the weekend, buy the ticket from the school you are rooting for. Public or private......for the kids.

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