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Lordstown’s Cobalt rides quietly into history


I agree with the economy being the most influential factor over the past 2 years. And, it's always a great thing to have as many people working, especially in a high unemployment city. I just don't believe the demand was there before 2008 either. I know GM is updating their product life cycles, but if Cobalt was such a cash cow they would still be milking the nameplate.

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Lordstown’s Cobalt rides quietly into history


It was very unsuccessful. Lordstown was significantly overcapacitized during Cobalt production as evident by the cutting of shifts. Also, the number of shutdown weeks in 2008 and 2009 also reveal how unsuccessful the car was. When it got outsold 3 to 1 to the Corolla last year, I wouldn't call that successful. What you are overlooking is what the costs were to sell one million units. The company has to flip the bill for all the fixed costs that they incur regardless if they sell 1 or 1 million Cobalts. The contribution margin on these cars isn't the highest either, so the company would have to sell many more than 1 million to break even. However, the valley is in need of a winner, I just don't see it happening with the Cruze. That's my objective opinion and not trying to be negative.

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Lordstown’s Cobalt rides quietly into history

The Cruze is going to get crushed. The price point of $17K for a base model is way too high, especially in this economy. I have to admit that the content, interior, and exterior are huge upgrades over past small car platforms. But, the upcoming Ford Fiesta is about $5K less expensive for base models. A fully loaded Fiesta is about the same price as the base Cruze. If a Fiesta is too small for a consumer, then the Focus which is being significantly updated, will be able to match Cruze. In light of the events of the past 2 years, non-GM-lifers are more likely to buy from Ford if staying with a domestic manufacturer. Plus, the Corolla outsold the Cobalt 3-to-1 last year, a huge margin to overcome even with a great product. In my opinion, this is the most competitive space in the the auto industry and it will be tough to command a $17-$22K price tag given the level of competition.

Does anyone have any word on how the Volt is coming and/or expected to perform?

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Purdue QB to transfer to YSU

It really won't matter who is pulling the trigger for the Penguins though. With the exception of 1 year, 2006, they have been soft since JT left. What I remember about the Penguins during the 90's was a blue-collar running attack with some play action mixed in, but more importantly aggressive, sound defense. The defenses of the 2000's have been pourous and little more than an obstacle for the opposition to master. Wake me up when they start playing a brand of football representative of the city of Youngstown.

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Purdue QB to transfer to YSU

oldstown and YSUGRAD,

Apparently you forget that Joe Flacco, the Delaware quarterback now playing for the Ravens, was a Penn St. QB that couldn't "cut it". Also, I will throw the name John Sacca out there, who was a Penn St. washout only to end up at Eastern Kentucky. Quick refresher, Sacca led EKU from an 11-0 hole in the 4th quarter to take the lead against the 'quins in the 94 playoffs at Stambaugh (Penguins rallied to win in an all-time great game). I just felt like proving a point that going from 1-A to 1-AA isn't a death warrant (I don't use FBS or FCS).

Also, Marve (Purdue's current QB), is a former high school standout that started at Miami Fla. and decided to transfer. He is highly rated and will start for the next 3 years. He will be the most talented QB Purdue has had since Brees.

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Parallels can be drawn between Turner, Clarett

HeiressLMP64 and others,

Freshman football players actually reported to OSU this weekend to start summer classes today. So, your point is actually moot.

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Youngstown falls to worst in state

I personally know a 30+ year elementary teaching veteran at one of the Youngstown city schools. Listening to the stories of her interactions with parents is appalling. If parents are notified for any reason (assignments not done as an example), parents often put the fault onto the teacher and place no accountability on the student. In other words, teachers generally can't win with parents and there is a clear gap between home and school. What is really sad is that most kids are eager to learn and can learn effectively in one on one scenarios. However, the lack of socialization skills from home and inability to learn within a group setting really cripples the effectiveness of the classroom.

As a quick anecdote, I was speaking with a Cleveland 2nd grade teacher last year. She had told me that one of her female students had packed her Polly Pocket hand purse full of weed and was distributing it to classmates. Now, I'm not sure how a school system or a teacher is supposed to succeed with children like that.

Finally, for anyone interested in staying in this weekend and renting a DVD, I would recommend renting The Wire, specifically season 4 because it pertains to this topic. Although the show is fiction, some of the plot lines are based in fact as it was written by former Baltimore police officers. Anyways, season 4 of the show highlights the school system and creates food for thought on all the interplays throughout society. (PS-The other seaons are all great as well)

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Will Youngstown State University’s football team win more than four games this season?

Actually, the government under Teddy Roosevelt almost banned football as it was deemed too dangerous. Of course, back then there was no line of scrimmage, and football was more a mix of rugby and present day football. The government decided that rules needed changed for player safety. At least they got something right!

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Ursuline’s Turner eyes prep school

What a waste of potential! High school is about the easiest accomplishment in life. This kid had a world of opportunity at his hands and can't even get C's at Ursuline. I have no pity.

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Is Ohio's fireworks law a dud?

Fireworks should be controlled like Halloween. There should be certain hours where individuals can light them off, and it should be limited to adults. Police need to be free to respond to the higher incidence of drunk driving as well as the usual crimes without being constrained by noise violations and unlawful firework consumption.

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