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Teen boys charged with South Side burglary

I feel the names and pictures of these kids need to be posted. This might not be the first time they did this.

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Mom alleges inaction by police officer during robbery of son, files complaint

It doesn't matter where you are wearing jewerly people will steal from anywhere/anyone that includes church.

To the people getting on the mother and father of this young man.

Do yall have proof that she is a tacky unfit mother on welfare? Do yall have proof that this boy father has ever been locked up?

Do yall even have proof that there is college money put up for her son? Do yall know if he might have a scholarship for college?

If this mother is working and can afford it why is she not aloud to buy something like this for her child? What if other family members bought him this for?

Technically he should be able to wear his chain wherever he go like everyone else. It's just sad how ignorant people can be that they can careless about the next person especially around the holidays. Everyone be careful.

Overall that covelli center needs to be shut down until they can hire the proper security to help people be safe down there this is ridiculous.

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Dozens help beautify the Idora neighborhood area today

Section 8 and other low income places isn't the cause of crime. If it is then why are rich people and middle class people commiting crimes as well?

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Youngstown police investigating assault at downtown club

I heard this woman got jumped because she said the n-word down there trying to act hard core and got beat down.

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Mother puts gun in son's bookbag

what do public assistance have to do with crime? There are plenty of people who are on it and dont commit any crimes and there are some people not using public assistance committing crimes.

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I guess you didn't know about two of the couples on this birth list is engaged to be married. And there are plenty of people who turn out fine even if their parents arn't married.

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Teen who raped Ohio woman sentenced to 28 years in prison

what a dumb move he had it probably good over here now he f-ed it up for himself. I do not feel sorry for him thank god this elderly woman survived this ordeal though.

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Suspect’s mother fears for her safety

How do anyone know if this woman knew anything or said anything to collect a reward?

And if someone says there is a hit out on you more than likely that is not someone just messing with your head.

Overall this whole situation is crazy

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Ohio woman pretended to be teen boy to date teen girl

Well they must of didn't pull any pants down unless she is a hermaphrodite. But anyway I hope they make this female get help for this while serving her time because something is not right with her.

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Why would you write this all in the open? Couldn't you have called him up that is disrespectful to the mothers/children

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