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Report: Youngstown State fires Wolford

Thank you, Mr. Blue, for seeing the BIG picture. You are correct in saying the entire staff needs to go. It makes no difference how many "past players, alumni, or connected people" are posing as coaches because the whole house needs cleaned. The defense was awful, the offense was terrible, and the morale was agonizing. In my opinion, being an athlete and having been through the rigorous and competitive recruiting process, in order to attract players, they have to have a coaching STAFF (yes, staff) that is attractive. When I was recruited by the Naval Academy, as well as 2 B1G 10 teams and several MAC teams, I would meet with the Head Coach once or twice, but the majority of time it was meeting with the position coach or other advisors for the program. If Eric Wolford came into my living room to recruit my son, I would be able to tell that the guy is not a people person at all. He just doesn't appeal to the high school kid, looking for a 4 year opportunity to get an education and possibly play on Sundays. Believe it or not, a disciplinarian is someone I WOULD allow to recruit my son. They have to be stern, they have to be honest, they have to show enthusiasm for my kid, and they have to be a proven winner. Wolford just isn't a people person and he absolutely needed to show his face at more events, be a bigger part of the community, and bring winning back to YSU. After YSU beat PITT and Northern Iowa at the beginning of the season in 2012, they should've capitalized on that momentum and made the playoffs. Instead, had 4 straight losses to NDSU (48-7), Illinois State, Southern Illinois, and SDSU. In those losses, they gave up an average of 400yds per game and the LEAST amount of point scored against them during that span was 35. A solid coach would've put a stop to that. After beating Northern Iowa, they got embarrassed by NDSU. At that point, they should've hunkered down and came together as a team. Instead, they got hammered the next 3 consecutive weeks and Wolford didn't act like a coach. This year is just what happens when a coach has lofty expectations, but doesn't have a plan. The attendance is comical, as well. These players deserve to be supported. I go to each and every game and there are less and less people going to the games. The players need to feel supported because YSU is a great program with great tradition, great facilities, and great potential. During the search for the next head coach, just think about the good ole' days of YSU being a national powerhouse. There is no reason a team like Sacred Heart needs to be in the FCS playoffs and YSU isn't. I am just a big YSU fan with passion for the programs. Of course I would look at a Division 1 coach, but Luke Fickell's name has surfaced and he is NOT what we need. The next coach needs to be seasoned and successful....and he has to bring winning back to YSU.

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Is it the end of the Wolford era?

Let's hope so, Joe! YSU football is basically done. I actually thought that this year would be different, but it's not. They started this fiasco by losing to Western Illinois because in that game, they didn't show discipline at all. The following 3 games, they actually showed a little life by beating a decent Southern Illinois team. But then Illinois State beat them, Indiana State beat them in OT, and NDSU, well, embarrassed them. I think you need to clean house and fire the entire staff. The defense stunk, the offense stunk and this is not the way to put YSU football back on the map. They looked defeated in the NDSU game early in the game. At 14-0, they acted and played like they were down 50-0. No life at all. And the mental mistakes are unforgivable. Yes, NDSU is far more superior than YSU at just about every position, but they are also far superior at coaching. Those kids are classy and disciplined. YSU might not beat some D3 teams. I would bet the house that Mount Union would beat them by a few TD's at least. What do you think?

Anyway, Strollo needs to save face and just clean house. Starting from scratch is the only answer now. The MVFC isn't the strongest conference in 1AA, so YSU should be at the very TOP of it every year. The tradition, the talent, and the history says they should, but the reality of it is that it is just unrealistic to expect anything different if Wolford & Co is still running the show.

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Another rough November for Wolford

And they also lost out on recruiting that kid, Croutch from Boardman, too. He had a verbal to YSU, but after that crappy game this weekend and the thought of playing with that loser, Eric Wolford, he committed to go to Ohio University. It's just a matter of time when more recruits leave, too. If I were a high school recruit, I wouldn't want to have my career ruined by Wolford the Wimp. He is not a head coach, whatsoever. Mark my words....he will lose even MORE recruits due to his lack of winning spirit and arrogant attitude.

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Another rough November for Wolford

Joe Joe Joe.....

I really didn't want to come on here and say it, but "told ya so." That was just a terrible game. YSU had them right where every other FCS team would want their opponents at the end of the game, yet they choked. And the obvious thing is Wolford has to go. Period. Buy him out, throw him out, and never look back because he is awful. When you are well under .500 in your own conference, then that's the writing on the wall. The MVC has 3-4 good teams. YSU SHOULD be one of them, but they aren't....and they will never be again. The AD needs to go. Wolford needs to go. And as we know, the fans NEVER the games. It's just a sad state of affairs at YSU and this will translate into losing recruits down the road. And to answer that fan after the Hubbard-Poland game....Yes, Wolford IS that big of a (&*%!

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Despite loss, YSU still in playoff hunt

As I have stated on more than one occasion, this YSU coaching staff must go. Yes, I realize that the coaches don't play the games on the field, however there is zero accountability on the field. I watched the game and it was like YSU was a low-level D3 team. They MIGHT slide into the playoffs, however they won't last. On paper, YSU was much better than Illinois State. This week, YSU is considerably better on paper than Indiana State. So, chances are good that they lose. Also, I appreciate you calling for a rowdy crowd this Saturday, but based on past results, I doubt that will happen. There is no sense of urgency with this team (or it's so called "loyal" fans). Yes, I am a big fan, however I am a realist, too. And from what I have seen with this YSU team, they don't want it and the fans don't want it. A university like YSU has the best facilities in the FCS and again, on paper, they have some of the best athletes in the FCS, yet these sub-par teams beat them when they have no business beating them. Rather than continuing my rant, I will just say this: YSU fans must turn out this weekend, but due to the chilly weather forecast, students won't show up and frankly, neither will anyone else. The team must play much better defense than they have been, too. Lastly, the play-calling is SO predictable, too. I see the plays being called before they are event attempted. Watch the tapes and you can see the defense react like they know what's going to happen before it happens. Again, this just falls back on the coaching staff.

Have a great week, Joe and Go Guins!

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Guard, inmate injured in Ohio prison escape

And why are these killers in medium security facilities? Put these punks in a maximum security facility with other killers and see which ones can survive! Seems stupid to me!

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YSU wins, but issues creep up

Just as I have been saying year after year, game after let the likes of a Duquesne team to be that close is scary! They don't even belong in the same area code as this YSU team. The play-calling and defense will, once again, be their demise. They will get embarrassed this year if they continue to misuse their talent.

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Martin juror threat allegations "patently false," court says

It's my feeling that this juror needs to be fined and sent to jail for obstruction and falsification. This is a blatant lie to deceive everyone involved. Let it be clear, though....This guy, David Martin, needs to be put in the chair for murder, etc, but for this juror to pull this's just a shame.

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Hill, Scott give Hubbard a 1-2 punch

And it's gonna happen. These 2 kids are the best 1-2 punch this Valley has seen in years. If they stay healthy, they will beat the recruiters.....Akron SVSM. It's about time a public school will be able to compete with the power recruiting teams in high school.

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Hubbard Music gains industry recognition, local expansion

I will never buy from anyone else than Hubbard Music. They are very nice folks and they always are very helpful. I have friends in the music business who live in NYC and LA and they deal with Hubbard Music on a normal basis. They do everything professionally and they can always help you find exactly what you are looking for! I am glad to see they are expanding! Congrats!

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