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Case closed for Boardman man and deceased mother

Ah, so he gets off free and clear? He has 17 cases over the years, just in Youngstown Muni Court. Among them, he's been ordered not to live in his mother's house on Lemont. Lots of violence in his record, and plenty of ignoring the law.

So what happened this time? Did he push her or hit her and knock her down, breaking her leg? Did he then allow her to lay there until she died? Did he then not report it so that he could keep living off her income? According to his record, those actions would be in keeping with his behavior over the last 15 or 16 years.

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Sen. Rob Portman says despite some inappropriate statements, he backs Donald Trump for president

Portman exhibits the Partisan-Above-All-Else mindset that's a large part of what's wrong with politics today. In his mind, the only qualification that's important is that "our candidate" can beat "their candidate." Both sides are infested with this self-serving nonsense. It's risen to the top because that's all either candidate has. Neither Trump nor Clinton are remotely qualified to run this country. I don't know anybody who believes in 4 years we'll be anything but worse off than we are now. And I think we'll be lucky if we're not involved in another Civil War. Look at current events all across the nation - it's brewing.

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$20K bond set for Dellick

He wasn't "planning to kill himself." If he was, he'd have done it. This is just a fable intended to get some sympathy from the court. Johnny has been let off the hook so many times, he expects it.

Fact: He was convicted of a violent felony. Fact: these people are under no circumstances allowed to own or even be in possession of a firearm. No exceptions. So, what I want to know is, where did he get the gun? He wouldn't have been able to buy one from any retailer. So that leaves 1) someone bought it for him, or gave him one of theirs, or 2) he stole it. Which is it, and why aren't the appropriate charges being pursued? Nobody seems to want to touch this.

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$20K bond set for John T. Dellick

Wow - an unsecured bond. Thanks, mommy! Life in a halfway house is sure better than in prison. In the halfway house, if he acts out, he'll get a stern talking-to. If he acts out in prison, he'll get his butt kicked, no matter how tough he thinks he is.

When they finally reach their official disposition of the case, I wonder if we'll hear about it?

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Gun charge dropped as man pleads guilty to drug charges

That's OK, more gun laws will fix everything.

You can see where the weak link is, and it ain't something you can fix by imposing more restrictions on the law-abiding gun owners.

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Officers, residents treated for carbon monoxide poisoning

I'd say the generator wasn't malfunctioning. Running a gasoline-powered engine inside a house WILL result in CO poisoning. Have people really become this clueless?

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Woman charged with urinating in front of Pokemon GO players in Courthouse Square

Another crazy woman who needs to be removed from society until she gets herself under control.

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Police: pregnant woman resists arrest

Do you suppose she's getting the proper prenatal care for that baby? Do you suppose that baby will grow up to be a productive, well-adjusted adult? Anyone wondering about the high rate of black infant mortality has only to look at this idiot. She's not unique.

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Dellick faces federal gun charge

Sorry, myopisme, when someone enjoys all the rights, privileges, and freedom that we regular citizens enjoy, they don't get to play the "poor, poor me - I have an illness" card every time they do something they know is wrong and get caught, and "Do you know who my mom is?" doesn't work.

I like how we're given one incident at a time when presented with Johnny's history. Not only did he road-rage, ram a couple's car, shout ethnic slurs at them and threaten them, but he also had a violent incident with a female acquaintance of his, which led to his mom having to get him away from kidnapping charges.

Now he was gonna kill himself? No he wasn't. But if he claims that, he figures he can avoid federal prison, because having a firearm in one's possession when one is a felon means he's playing with the big boys, and mommy might not be able to protect him. I want to know how he got the gun. Either he stole it, or someone gave it to him. If someone gave it to him, they need to face federal charges, too. If he, knowing he has a felony conviction, took (stole) the gun, he needs to face those charges. But no, mommy can at least sweep those things under the rug.

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MetroParks officials take trolley tour through Mill Creek Park

A trolley through a "neighborhood" that's managed by Mr. Rogers. I love it!!!

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