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Canfield couple protest Target bathroom policy

What about pedophiles who are the same gender as their prey? You know - Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley, Jerry Sandusky, and so on? The Williamses, and apparently some people on here, have no problem sharing the little boys' room with these pervs. But a dude in a dress? Heaven forbid!!!!

And, who lets their little kids go into a public restroom alone anyway? Get off your lazy duffs and go in there with your kids!! Quit expecting the rest of the world to accommodate your incompetent parenting!

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Tonight's OVI checkpoint cancelled

Yep. Or maybe nobody drives drunk in the rain. Of course, the checkpoints routinely get zero drunks off the streets anyway (okay, maybe they get lucky and bust one!).

I guess the desk jockeys would rather stay dry than earn that big overtime.

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Body found in Youngstown fruit cellar after daughter reports no contact from dad

This compares to 13 homicides by this time in 2016. - See more at:

Did I miss something???

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Canfield couple target Target's restroom policy

Excel, once again you're 'way off the mark. The perverts can still use the same bathroom as kids do. You know, perverts like Dennis Hastert? Jerry Sandusky? The actual, real, proven, dangerous perverts? Not the ones who aren't just like you, so they scare you.

And besides, if I notice someone hanging out in a public bathroom, my first thought is that there are drugs involved. The odds are far greater.

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Judge blocks Ohio from cutting funding for Planned Parenthood services

These religious zealots need to be reined in - not everybody believes as they do, and those who believe different things are not necessarily wrong.

I'm not even going to get into how many of these Religious Right extremists turn out to be perverts and sex offenders and otherwise far more sinful than those they want power over.

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Despite $33M in ads to date, Portman leads Strickland by only 4-5 points

Between $33 million and $37 million already has been spent by Portman and his supporters. - See more at:

Nice, accurate headline.

But really - THIRTY FIVE (give or take a couple million) MILLION DOLLARS has been spent so far - keep in mind this is August, not November - on a job that pays how much?

Our political system is 'WAY out of control.

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Big sales-tax revenue loss projected

Murphy, my eyes must have been glazed over - I didn't see that the first time through. But my point remains. The WRTA isn't losing nearly as much as they'd like us to believe.

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Trump feuding with Kasich

So the thin-skinned, petty, vindictive, childish Trump is now threatening Kasich, and by extension the state Kasich represents. Sort of flies in the face of Trump's promise to bring back jobs and do all those miraculous things for us. But since Trump has stooped to actually threatening us, any Ohioan who votes for Trump is a complete fool.

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Big sales-tax revenue loss projected

How much will the local entities lose? For instance, the story says the WRTA gets $8.6 million out of the TOTAL tax revenues. And it says the WRTA is one of eight transit authorities whose COMBINED loss is projected to be $33.6 million. So what's the WRTA's figure? Looks like they're going to lose about 8 percent, give or take, of their tax money income. That's not nearly as melodramatic as the big numbers being thrown around in this story. And don't forget the WRTA has other income besides the county sales tax. The sky isn't going to fall any time soon.

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CEO works six weeks without a paycheck

No, his salary and his "pay" are the same thing. His "pay" is $160K per year.Or $13,333.33 per month. As is typical of this writer, if the information isn't in the press release she copies verbatim, she doesn't dig or research or explain anything. In this instance, "The annual package" is thrown out there with no explanation. But it does have a large number attached to it, which gets those without any critical thinking skills all worked up.

There are so many ways this story could have been presented - first, it must be nice to have the extra cash laying around to go without any income at all for six weeks, plus fly to Chicago and back every weekend. Around here, most people live paycheck to paycheck. Second, there seems to be some sort of irregularity going on at the school board level, with money coming in and being "lost." The vindy is missing out on a lot of potential pot-stirring, unless they're holding that info for a Sunday column or some sort of big "exposé" later.

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