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MetroParks board tables measure to strip park director of some authority

Just as I predicted - Ragan, Durick, and Bennett siding with their boy Young, and Shipka and Frey against. So I'll ask again - if you have a park director who has carte blanche, why do you even need a park board? Let's get rid of them. They aren't doing anything anyway. And Young can quit hiding behind Daddy's coat tails.

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Guns and drugs yield 4 1/2-year prison term

I agree that crimes committed with guns deserve maximum-plus sentences. But the judge should be disbarred for her prejudiced, ignorant comments regarding guns. The 2nd Amendment permits ownership of what she stupidly and erroneously calls "assault rifles." That's all the "legitimate reason" she needs. Shame on her for showing her lack of objectivity and lack of knowledge.

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Where are the public payrolls?

Kurt says: "To hear people like Billdog and NoBs whine and complain ..."

Who the heck is whining and complaining? You sure have a funny definition of those two things. Oh, I get it. You're just trying to make your position appear stronger by using pejorative terms to describe replies that make you uncomfortable. Typical ploy when you know your position is weak.

Kurt again: "Give it Up Boys! It's a losing fight ..."

Really? Because you say so? Who appointed you the arbiter of this discussion?

Kurt: "The holdouts- like Y-town and Warren"

And Austintown, and Boardman, and Canfield, and Liberty, and Poland, and Struthers, and Campbell, and Lowellville, and Girard, and on and on. In reality, nobody but Beaver township and Mahoning County are participating. That's why I say none of the other politicians are under any pressure.

Kurt: "P.S. NoBs, I know the Vindy costs less than the Trib"

The other way around, Kurt. What's the vindy up to - a buck an issue? And $200/year for home delivery?? Holy Frijoles!!! You could have bought your own boat, and gone yachting with Markie!

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Where are the public payrolls?

Kurt says: "All that tells us is how much is to be appropriated for what purpose- it doesn't tell us anything about how wisely- or unwisely- the money is later spent."

If a levy is written for a specific purpose - say, improvement of infrastructure - that's what it's used for. Not personnel. Not wages.

Here's deSouza's quote: ""Youngstown has an income tax rate of 2.75 percent, one of the highest in the state, but budgetary shortfalls have become a regular occurrence. Taxpayers have a right to know how the money is being spent, especially since most of the General Fund revenue is absorbed by wages and benefits."

Bert and Kurt (now THERE's a good name for a comedy duo!) can go to Mandel's site and still not know what Y-town's income tax goes for. For one thing, there's no way to know how accurate or how current the figures are. For another, if you don't believe anything a politician says, why would you believe anything he writes? Bert just wants to know how much those (in his eyes) overpaid public employees make. And, for heaven's sake, Bert - stop 'revealing' that most of a given municipality's budget goes to wages and benefits!!! Of course it does!!! Governments provide services, and you can't provide services without employees. Employees do not work for free!!! They deserve a living wage commensurate with their education and experience. Just because the vindy pays peasant wages doesn't mean everyone should.

In Warren, they have cops and firemen who are there only because that city found a grant to pay for them for a few years. Kind of kicking the can down the road a little - they were hoping finances would be better by the time the grants ran out. Guess what - the grants are running out, and finances are no better (but the 1%ers running the country have had a heck of a good few years!) So Warren made their own mess - you don't hire permanent employees on money from a temporary source. You should know that, Kurt.

Kurt says: "I guess, it all depends on whose "Ox is Being Gored" as the saying goes. In other words, follow the squealing to its source."

Sounds more to me like someone wants some juicy gossip material. As I've said and as Billdog has said - the info is there - go look for it. It's all public record. Do you want what the vindy used to do? They used to print each name with gross, net, overtime amount (but not hours), and more. You could look for your neighbor or friend and see all about what they earn, what deductions they had taken out, and all sorts of tidbits to drool over.

(continued next post - 3000 isn't enough!)

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | Will call for new ideological test for admission to US

He's actually trying to lose support. I wonder if he'll actually drop out, or just keep saying more and more bizarre things?

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Where are the public payrolls?

Kurt - there's no secrecy. When we vote on renewals and new taxes, we have the opportunity to learn all about them. I say "we have the opportunity to learn" because clearly some who later flap their gums to no end have not availed themselves of the information. And, if you REALLY want to know what your neighbor the cop or fireman makes, their union contracts are available for public scrutiny. Online, even.

Regarding your grocery store analogy, have you ever actually gone grocery shopping? You might find a price on a shelf, but you have no idea what the bar code scanner is charging you, unless you remember each price and watch the register screen like a hawk, or you take your register receipt and go back around the store comparing prices on the tape to those on the shelf. People who do remember the price of a few things often find discrepancies, and not in their favor.

And I stand by my original statment - if there was pressure from the public, the politicians would have put their information on Mandel's site already. The vindy makes a little noise now and then - come election time, they'll ramp up their anti-public employee rhetoric, while backing the same incompetents they always back. The same handful of envious and petty players here will once again cry about someone else getting something they don't, but they will expend zero effort trying to get for themselves what they so jealously see others getting. (That's my theory on why this valley is not prospering - we used to strive to better our lot in life, and earn those things others have and we want. Now, most around here would rather complain about what they don't have, and try to tear others down to their level instead of working their way up.)

As for the price of the vindy - I can still buy a Warren Tribune for 50ยข, and it has actual news in it.

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MetroParks board member to propose changes to director’s authority

If Young has unlimited authority to implement major changes without board approval or even knowledge, why do we need a park board at all? However, I can predict how the vote will go regarding Shipka's plan:

The three older board members, Ragan, Bennett, and Durick, will back their boy Young. Ragan and Durick will defend him loudly.
Shipka will vote in favor of his plan.
Lee Frey will not say a word, but will vote for Shipka's plan.

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National Guard on alert after night of rioting following police shooting

I'll bet the citizens are glad now that a few years ago Walker greatly downsized police and fire departments all over his state.

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Where are the public payrolls?

2 much, if enough people cared about this, the politicians would have already put the info up. They don't, so there's no pressure on the pols to do it.

Also, please educate yourself on what the public employees DON'T get. And what they have to pay for but don't get.

Try not to give in to the "crabs in a bucket" analogy. Work to better yourself, not to tear down someone else.

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Where are the public payrolls?

I guess, deSouza aside, nobody cares about this issue. The vindy has long been fascinated with public employees, and has tried its best to vilify them. The vindy has printed personal payroll information - listing names, gross and net figures, overtime figures (while ignoring the number of hours worked to earn that overtime), and anything else they can use to skew public opinion against public employees.

When the greedy 1% does away with pensions in the private sector, instead of asking why and working to restore those pensions, deSouza/the vindy instead points to those public sector employees who still have pensions, and launches into the standard "I/we don't get a pension any more, so why should THEY?" How pitiful that the vindy thinks this divisiveness is a good thing. How disheartening that the vindy has no idea how to champion forward thinking and support working to better oneself instead of complaining about those who "get" something you don't.

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