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Man criticizes lack of gun-policy signs at restaurants

The real question is why this psycho feels he needs a gun to go to Denny's? Is he going to shoot the waiter if it takes to long to serve up his scrambled eggs? Jesus, people, get a life.

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Grace period ends, drivers now subject to tickets for texting

This whole thing is a farce. Lets not pretend that this law is enforceable, first of all. Secondly, its a solution to a problem that doesn't technically exist. There have always been hazards when driving, it doesn't matter if its eating food, people blasting their stereo systems at 5000 dB or just not paying attention in general. Also, newer smartphones almost all have voice command. In two years, EVERY phone will have voice command. So, when your device can send and receive messages/emails hands free, the problem is solved. This whole law is nothing more than a money grab. Its simply an excuse to give people MORE tickets so the police can extort MORE money from people, nothing more. Granted, people should use caution when driving, but the problem should be solved with technology, not more ridiculous laws.

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The slippery slope of gun control

The author of this article is an idiot. I'm as liberal as you can get, but I'm not for gun control, but not for the moronic reasons in the article. First of all, guns do not make anyone safer. I think we can all agree that people with guns generally tend to cause more problems than they solve. Why these psychos think they need assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition is beyond me. If you think you're going to fend off the evil government with your trusty gun, you're mistaken. If Uncle Sam is coming for, its going to be a SWAT team with automatic weapons, vehicles, TRAINING, body armor and everything else. You and your little AR15 aren't doing sh*+. Secondly, criminals do not generally rob houses with people there, they go to EMPTY houses. That said, the reason I'm against gun control is simply because it doesn't solve anything. When you ban guns all you do is create YET ANOTHER black market complete with criminals who are going to break the law anyway. No prohibition has ever worked, ever. It doesn't matter if its guns, pot, alcohol or anything else. If you can't even keep guns and drugs out of maximum security prisons, what the HELL makes you think you can keep them off the street? If you're against gun control, fine, but don't make it because of bullsh*+ reasons like safety and the 2nd ammendment or anything horsesh*+ right wing arguments. /rant

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