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Brawl case goes to court

I agree that it was irresponsible of the Vindicator to put an edited video on the internet. I thought that newspapers were supposed to get both sides of the story, and OBVIOUSLY an edited video by Malvasi Sr. is only one side of the story. I hope this mishap is fixed.

Also, it is a bit ridiculous that this story of high school kids fighting has become front page material... what is Youngstown coming to? Let's move on to some REAL news now.

I think what the Mooney kids did was irresponsible and wrong, but I do not think they deserve the full punishment. They are still immature and in high school. I do not believe they fully understand the stupidity of their actions and I think that needs to be taken into effect. They are all a bunch of high school kids who let their emotions get the best of them and got out of hand in a fight. They need to learn their lesson, but I think they are way too young to receive the full punishment.

Now, let's move onto some REAL news and forget this high school drama!

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