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Fed government insurance would allow coverage for abortion

That's why we should have laws against some people reproducing. Especially the mentally handicapped and mother's who have their children taken away from them. Obviously if a women in not capable of caring for her child (or abuses them) then she shouldn't be allowed to have children. That would stop abortions and welfare.

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Double killing spikes Warren homicide toll to 8 for year; city official worried

Well Warren might have more cops on the force if they would quit getting suspended. 4 Warren cops disciplined for covering up absences. Maybe they should hire some more deserving cops and get rid of the rest.

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Woman accused of running a strip club in her basement

It's not a sunny day. This is Ohio we don't have those here.

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Pa. state employees vent anger over losing pay

Yea they get back pay, but you forgot to mention it'll be at a higher tax rate.

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Last check sent to Pa. state workers until budget is passed

This really should be illegal. How can they expect these people to continue working without pay. Yea they'll get back pay, but that'll be at a higher tax rate. They have familes to provide for and bills to pay. How sad...

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Arrest of Trent Rapp

Just because you worked with the guy doesn't mean that you actually know him. People don't know what happens behind closed doors.

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Arrest of Trent Rapp

Well most of these child predators are clever when it comes to "hiding" things on a computer. All he needed was an external hard drive at his home and nothing would be found on the actual computer hard drive itself. And I'm sure you weren't browsing his c:\ anyway.

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Baby critical after severe beating

One less undeserving person that we need on food stamps. I personally hate the fact that I'm paying for these scums to eat.

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Fugitive sought in baby beating arrested in Campbell

At least one more obviously disturbed person is off the streets. I just hope that he gets put away for a long time and gets treatment for life.

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Baby critical after severe beating

yix2k your very right and I agree with you 100%. That poor child is suffering for the parents mistakes. The mom for leaving her with that guy and for the father who clearly isn't in the picture at all. It's just sad that you really can't trust anyone anymore. People leave their children with people that they don't know all the time...babysitters for example. Who would think that a person is capable of doing something so horrible to an innocent helpless child. But then again that happens all the time too. So sad....

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