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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

I have heard from the ridiculous to the sublime.
"Let those on the South side starve"???
"I dare you to walk from Florida to Midlothian"???

I am inclinde to post the following;

Am I automatically cast as a drug dealer or user, thug or prostitute because I live in this neighborhood?

Well I do live here and I am neither. I am part of the Southside that doesn't get much press. I own my home, rake my leaves, and am helping to form a block club in our community. If I feel like taking a walk at 4 am in my community you want to label me or suggest something bad should happen to me. But Traveler, (post #69) In fact this has happened. I was walking from a late night church service where church had ended at midnight 3 hours earlier. I stayed behind to clean up. I was harrassed by the police on the way home. Did I get what I deserved??? I say no. I got what your perception warranted. As for Post #13, I wish you put money on your dare cause I have walked many of times from Florida (where I live) to Midlothian (to my job) sometimes at odd hours going to or coming from a 3rd shift job, the local tv station on Midlothian and Southern blvd behind the Wallgreens store. And GeorgeJean (post #9), I also walk regularly to the same corner (Indianola and Glenwood) they are building that Supermarket to go to my church across the street on that same corner. But you think everybody there should starve. My Pastor even fell into the trap of imploring me to not walk. I told him if no Godly man ever walks these streets then we are relegated to handing the streets over to the ungodly. I met crack dealers and at least one known prostitute in my travels, trying to offer me their product. I offer Jesus, invite them to join me to church and keep walking. Next time they see me they'd just wave and smile as if glad to see something good in their area. I am sharing my story because "we" make the difference. I met a man working on his house in the summer and offered him help. Now he brings his kids to church every Sunday. Had I not been "walking the plank" (post #13) I would never have had those experiences. You can read about horrible stories, or be part or something better.

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Report: MYCAP is ‘high risk’

I am actually doing research on Ethics and Social Justice for my Master's assignment in public administration. This one hit home because I am a transplant student to the Mahoning Valley area. I'd love a citation on previous misuse of funds or mismanagement by former directors. Even a date in which it happened would be helpful. Please drop a comment with any info you have. I can do the digging. I am one of those ideal people that QsiKeith refered to. I think that a lot of good can be done if we set our minds (and hearts) to it. But unfortunately there will always be those who see things for what they can grab instead of what they can give.
Quick story-I help with the bread give-away at a local church. The volunteers before me would take the bulk of the goods and sell it to a local store before it made it to the church. They made lots of money for years every Sunday selling food that was ear-marked for the poor. "We" have got to keep our eyes open to our surroundings, and get past that stigma that we are somehow "Ratting somebody out" when we take action and do the right thing.

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