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President earned another term

GM NEEDS to go bankrupt - the RIGHT way. Restructure the company, restructure the debt and restructure the failed and broken labor rules. Otherwise the company will NEVER survive. The government money is going to drive up.

Redvert - save your breath. Nobody cares that Bush tried SEVEN TIMES formally requesting Blarney "the butt pirate" Frank stop the sub-prime mortgage insanity. What did the Dumbocrats say? There's no problem. You're just being racist.

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President earned another term

No #cambridge actually anyone with a "brain" knows it was Barny Frank and Chris Dodd (Democrats) whos policies caused the housing market crash and financial crisis. The BUSH whitehouse went to congress no less than SEVEN times asking them to take action to shore up the sub-prime mortgage issue. Barny Frank actually called the administration RACIST for wanting to stop giving people loans to buy houses they couldn't afford. But you're obviously one of the 47% who don't pay taxes.

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Obama: Our path...'leads to a better place'

My family grew up in Youngstown back in the glory days. There were steel mills, Idora Park was a glamorous place. My grandmother lived on Idora Avenue.and it was a beautiful peaceful neighborhood. Jobs were there for the taking. So what happened?

Democrats and their agenda happened. But Youngstown keeps voting for the same stupid Democrats and the same failed policies.

Abraham Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN and fought against DEMOCRATS who insisted on keeping slavery

Dr. Martin Luther King was a REPUBLICAN and fought against DEMOCRATS insisting on continued segregation

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President earned another term

As for Our Great Leader "saving" GM... He ignored 200+ years of bankruptcy LAW, took the equity from the stock holders and bond holders who invested their money in the company - and gave it to the union. Did he address any of the REASONS GM went bankrupt in the first place? NO. Did he restructure the operations practices? NO. Did he restructure the wage and benefit packages for the employees? NO. He closed hundreds of dealerships (putting thousands out of work) using campaign contributions as the criteria for which ones to keep open.

So now GM builds government subsidized cars and sells them for less than they cost to produce. The Volt costs over $80,000 to build and you can lease one for two years for $5,000 or buy one for $40,000. Sounds like a solid business model to me. NOT. Here's the funny thing. Without continued government subsidies - GM IS STILL BANKRUPT! Nothing has been fixed. And as soon as the govt money runs out - which it will. GM will be back on the chopping block. But THIS time PRIVATE equity and venture capital will step in and fix it the right way.

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President earned another term

FLHTCUI - another miss at reality. Obama had two years of a Democrat House and Democrat Senate. The SAME Democrat House and Senate that ran the country into the ground during Bush' second term. He got EVERYTHING he wanted passed including OBAMA-DON'T-CARE

When the Republicans took the House and decided to shut off his spend-aholic credit card, he and the first Wookie decided to go on vacation. Then they went on vacation and after that they went on vacation. Then he played golf and they went on vacation. He took a break to champion the overthrow of the Evil Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and we see how well that is going. Then he played some more golf and went on vacation. Then he and the First Wookie went on vacation again.

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Obama: Our path...'leads to a better place'

Four more years of the same garbage? So we should expect:
Gas was $1.79 - is $4.00 - will be $8.00
Milk was $2.99 - is $4.99 - will be $6.99
48 MORE months of 8% unemployment
12 MILLION MORE Americans on foodstamps
National Debt $21 Trillion
GM will be bankrupt - again
and of course it will STILL be Bush's fault

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